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Otaku In Town

Latest Videos

November 19, 2019

Nisanji in have opened their call to auditions for Virtual Youtuber characters that are designed specifically for the Indian market. Click to know more...

June 26, 2019

Bandai Namco Entertainment recently announced a game based on the popular anime and manga series One Punch Man. Click to know more...

February 10, 2019

Sanctum Events recently announced it's upcoming Indo-Japan Pop Culture event Pune Matsuri, via its official Facebook page. Click to know more...

October 26, 2018

New anime project for the Gundam franchise, Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative (Kidō Senshi Gundam NT) will be adapted in a manga and novel. Click to know more...

January 15, 2018

Nagpur Anime Club recently announced its alliance with Fun Fest: The Kids Festival for a cosplay contest in Nagpur. Click here to know more...

August 15, 2017

The organisers of stage play adaptation of Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist) have recently released a key visual of the play. Watch the video to know more...

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