Cosplayer Gaurav Thakur:

Ironman Wolverine Cosplay
Wolverine Ironman Cosplay
Gaurav Thakur's Spiderman Cosplay
Cosplayer Gaurav Thakur holdin a kid
Gaurav Thakur Cosplaying as Spiderma
Gaurav Thakur as Black Panther
Gaurav Thakur as Deadpool
Deadpool & Wolvering Cosplay
Gaurav Thakur as Ironman

Myself Gaurav Thakur, I am 26 year old. I have done BSc in Animation and Multimedia; and now I am working as an Specialist Graphic designer in an MNC. I have more than 5 years of experience in graphic and branding. Then in 2014, I decided to do my first Cosplay; Wolverine Gaming Version and my first Spiderman where I modified my 2 t-shirts and made all the patterns manually. Things changed, and I realized that people care for original things and laugh at the beginners (faced that).

Then in 2015, I presented my first The Amazing Spiderman 2 costume, movie replica in Bangalore. I was thin back then, yet people liked it very much, but most of them thought it was purchased. I wanted to break that barrier,  so I started working on The Amazing Spiderman 1 cosplay way before 2014. It took me 1 and a half years to complete that costume. I presented both spideys in Delhi Comic Con 2015. And it was a huge hit, all the patterns were manually made and it took life to complete them.

Then my plan changed to make an Iron man costume... till the time I finished it in 1-2 years, I realized that every single person is doing Iron man in different Conventions. Week before Delhi Comic Con 2015, I changed the plan yet again to IronWolverine; and everyone knows it became a legend; since it was an unique and original concept... while everyone else use to run for copied stuff.  I feel cosplay is about Creativity too.

Not sure, how far I will survive in this passion. Since, I never won any competition so far... but what matters more is that I steal everyone's Heart.

In this little time (2014 - 2016), I have done some amazing costumes; and all of them are very different from one another.

> Wolverine

> The Amazing Spiderman

> The Amazing Spiderman 2

> Iron Man

> Iron Wolverine

> Spiderman from Civil War

> Black Panther from Civil War

> Deadpool

This is me, hope I will do more cosplays soon!!

Last but not the least...

I will be representing India in San Diego 2017 Comic Con in July.

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