14 Key Visuals Of Blue Exorcist Stage Play REVEALED!

Tickets for The Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist) stage adaptation are available for purchase since 25th of August via http://eplus.jp/ao-ex/ The play will be held in Tokyo at Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi from 20-29 October and in Kobe at Shin Kobe Oriental City from 2-5 November.

The organisers of stage play adaptation have recently released a 14 key visuals! Each visual revealed an individual character. The visuals also include a new picture of Rin and Yukio Okuura. The stage play will cover the Illuminati arc from the volumes 10-15 of the manga.


Ryo Kitamura as Rin Okumura Shuto Miyazaki as Yukio Okumura Ikkei Yamamoto as Suguro Ryuji Koji Saikawa as Shima Renzo Yuuto Doi as Konekomaru Miwa Rie Matsuoka as Shiemi Moriyama Yuta Higuchi as Nemu Takara Mako Komaki as Noriko Park Satomu Okubo as Kamiki Izumo Ryugi Yokota as Lucifer Yuya Hara as Michael Gedoin Shuhei Izumi as Mephisto Pheles Ryoko Tanaka as Tamamo Kamiki and more


Original Work, Script: Kazue Kato Script and Directing: Daisuke Nishida


Official Site : www.ao-ex.com/stage/
 Official Twitter : @aoex_stage

Blue Exorcist is a Japanese supernatural action manga series written and illustrated by Kazue Katō. The manga has been serialized in Jump SQ magazine by Shueisha since April 2009, with individual chapters collected into seventeen tankōbon volumes as of July 4, 2016.

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