Indian Otakus Trend #IndiaWantsPerman On Twitter!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Otaku community is growing In India, and with Animax (a dedicated channel for anime content) gone off air a few years back, the supply and demand for the anime is hardly met in the country. The community has always been very vocal about it. It all began with the petition to bring Animax back started, even though the petition was not successful, it gave rise to the concept of demanding their favourite anime in India via social media. Since then the otakus were able to successfully release 2 anime movies Dragon Ball Super and Tenki no Ko (Weathring With You) in India. The petitions were created and a huge number of anime followers signed it and supported the cause. The impact was such that PVR India stepped in and officially released the anime movies in India.

Now today (i.e 2nd July, 2020) twitterati are demanding a new season of popular kodomomoku anime Perman, to be aired in India. Its been more than 12 hours the #IndiaWantsPerman is trending on twitter. The otakus are appealing Hungama tv and Disney India to either of them take initiative to air new Hindi dubbed season of Perman on their channel. Disney India and Hungama Tv have both aired the anime for a while and the show has been a success among the masses in India.

Here are some of the popular tweets with the #IndiaWantsPerman :

Perman have two anime television series, based on the manga of the same name, by the manga artist duo Fujiko Fujio. The first television series was produced by Tokyo Movie. The second anime television series, which has been aired in India, is originally produced by Shin-Ei Animation under the direction of Hiroshi Sasagawa and Sadayoshi Tominaga. The series consists of total 526 episodes. The final episode was broadcasted on 2nd July, 1987 in Japan on TV Asahi.

Synopsis: The story follows a boy named Mitsuo Suwa who meets an alien named Superman, later renamed Birdman. The alien is part of a group that maintains peace in the galaxy and recruits Mitsuo to become a Perman.

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