Manga Planet Adds Yoshitaka Amano's Zan Manga To Its Library!

Manga Planet India's official Facebook page recently announced the addition of latest manga ZAN to its library. ZAN is a coloured digital manga by the artist of Final Fantasy game Yoshitaka Amano. Spawn movie director Mark A.Z. Dippé wrote the story for the manga, while the popular mangaka GORIO21 illustrated the manga based on Yoshitaka's artwork. Sozo comics is the original publisher of the manga.

Zan synopsis by Manga Planet: Yoshitsugu is a samurai wandering during the Boshin War period with no memory of who he is. One day, a spirit goddess appears in front of him and points him down a journey to regain his memories. As he slowly regains his memories, it turns out that his true identity is Zan, one of the Twelve generals of the Army of Light scattered throughout different times and different worlds. Now on a mission to find his fellow generals, will he be able to fulfil his duty? What exactly is he fighting for?

Characters description by Manga Planet:

Zan : Zan also goes by the name Yoshitsugu, Zan is a samurai with exceptional skills with the blade. Initially had no memory of who he is, but he is one of the Twelve Generals of the Army of Light.

Sou: The Guardian Deity of Light appearing as a spirit guide to Zan explaining his identity and his mission to go on a journey to find his fellow generals to fulfil their duty.

Hunter: One of the twelve generals and the Strategic Leader of the Army of Light. Fast and has a lot of vices -among them, wine and women.

Bear: One of the twelve generals. Silent most of the time. He accompanies Zan in his journey. His god form is like a big red hulk.

Panther: Panther is a mechanical beast robot who chose to follow Zan in his journey.

Manga Planet is an online manga subscription service run and operated by Fantasista, INC. for officially licensed Japanese manga. The manga subscription service has partnered with Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. and Super Sugoii.

Sozo Comics released Zan on 16th July 2019 on Comixology (an, Inc. subsidiary, cloud-based digital comics service). Currently, 1-8 issues of Zan are in stock and 9-15 issues are available for pre-order on Comixology.

Source: Manga Planet India Official Facebook Page, Manga Planet Website, Comixology, ANN

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