Chance To Be A Real Hunter Like Gon And Killua!

Exciting news for Hunter x Hunter fans! Now you can be a hunter in real life. Popular interactive live puzzle event brand 'Real Escape Game' and anime franchise Hunter x Hunter have come together to give their fans a never before experience of both worlds. The two are organizing a collaboration event named 'Greed Island Yuuenchi Karano Dasshutsu (Escape from The Greed Island Amusement Park)' at Hirakata amusement Park, in Osaka.

The game is designed as per the Greed Island Arc from Hunter x Hunter anime series. The players will assume the role of hunters who participate in 'Greed Island Fest' and solve mysteries and quests to finish the game. The game will also feature the various popular characters from the anime series, including Gon and Killua, who would help the players in their quest. The game can be played as an individual or as a team. The game is estimated to finish in 120-180 minutes.

The advance tickets for the game will be on sale from 8th August 2020. Tokyo Dome City Attractions were initially supposed to hold the event from 23rd July, but it got postponed due to Corona Virus Pandemic. Greed Island Yuuenchi Karano Dasshutsu event is now scheduled for 19th September - 29th November 2020 at Hirakata Park.

Source: Crunchyroll

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