5 Anime Shows With The Finest Finale Episodes *Spoilers*

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Death Note (New World)

Death Note (New World)

If you try, you wouldn't find a single person who has watched Death Note and didn't like it. In a lot of countries, it happened to be the torchbearer of anime shows. This flawless psychological thriller anime show became sensational when it released. Viewers were tested throughout its 37 episodes long run about how would the show end.

When Teru Mikami, an accomplice of Kira, is finally caught by SPK whilst having a Death Note is possession, his truth is revealed and the Death Note is confiscated. With notebook ceased and only Light's name not written there, he is exposed as Kira.

Out of options, terror-fraught Light confesses about his true identity, KIRA. When his attempts of justifying his actions fail, he tried convincing Near that the notebook they've brought with them is a duplicate and distracting them so he could write Near's name in the little piece of Death Note hidden in his watch. Devastated by the betrayal of Light, Matsuda shoots him several times, injuring him badly and leaving him to eventually die. Here, Light escapes the warehouse and wandering about hallucinates of his younger self when Ryuk reminds him of the agreement between a human and a shinigami. How he had to die and end up as a name in his Death Note and stuck between two worlds for eternity.

“Well, Light, it looks like you've lost. And the show's over. Remember how, in the beginning, when we first met, I told you that I'd be the one writing your name in my notebook. That is part of the agreement between a Shinigami who brings a notebook to the human world and the first human who picks it up.” – Ryuk

FMA Brotherhood (Journey's End) -

FMA Brotherhood (Journey's End)

This show struck its audience at some whole new sentimental level. Continuing the legacy of its previous version Fullmetal Alchemist, FMA Brotherhood was nothing short of its predecessor's awesomeness. How finely the endearing relationship between two brothers was shown on the television screens made every single one of its audience attach with this show deeply. Halfway into the show, viewers knew they were to have a very pleasant ending. And so they did.

The emotional journey of Edward and Alphonse finally ended as they reached the journey's end to step into their destination - 'The Truth'. Edward and Alphonse Elric fought numerous adversaries throughout their journey, in their search for philosopher's stone. The only object in the universe to rejuvenate Alphonse's body which he lost in past trying to resurrect his mother from dead with his brother Edward. Edward and Alphonse with their alchemy and alliance of many other Nobel fighters defeated the homunculi.

In the happy end, Alphonse, in his human form, leaves for east to learn Alkahestery with May while Edward is going to the west to learn other forms of alchemy in a desire to, one day, combine all forms of alchemies in the world for an even greater good.

The final shot, just like the manga, shows Edward boarding a train with a wide grin waving back at Winry.

DBS (A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku!)

DBS (A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku!)

Dragon Ball franchise has been a fan favourite ever since its first series Dragon Ball, thanks to the endearing and loveable characters in the show and outstanding fights between our Z Fighters and unsympathetic yet very appealing villains. How Goku and other heroes always manage to break through all the limits and save their world from evil has made Dragon Ball franchise so beloved. Dragon Ball Super showed nothing else, where Goku along with Vegeta fought the likes of Golden Frieza, Zamasu, and a deity himself – Beerus, and finally Jiren in the tournament of power, the strongest known entity in the multiverse.

The final day of much ambitious Tournament of Power, all universes obliterated leaving universe 7 and universe 11 to decide the fate for their universes. Goku, Frieza and Android 17 from universe 7 collaboratively try to get on to Jiren of Universe 11. With Goku incapable of fighting, Frieza and 17 challenge Jiren, who thinks it's all futile for their efforts to mean nothing and can not defeat him. After a momentary break, Goku is back on his feet to join in Z warriors and prevent their universe's loss. This pumps Jiren more as he pushes his attack at them with more strength. Seeing Goku and Frieza fighting side by side against the same adversary was indeed a treat to watch for everybody. With Frieza and Goku taking Jiren from the front, 17 moves to add to Jiren's troubles from the back with his energy blasts. Once Jiren was a little weakened by the constant attacks at him, Frieza asks Goku to throw him at Jiren, with the tackle, Frieza tries to fly down with the last warrior of Universe 7, but it isn't enough. So Goku joins him in taking Jiren down. Watching this depth of trust and power of togetherness, the Pride Trooper accepts his defeat. With Android 7 left on the arena alone, the tournament ends. Android 17 is offered with a grand wish using Super Dragon Balls as the part of their deal.

Android 17 wishes from Super Shenron, to restore all the other universes. Now there are all the universes existing just as before. Show ends.

Steins Gate (Achievement Point) -

Steins Gate (Achievement Point)

Steins Gate reformed the sci-fi genre for the anime shows to come. The show covered the story of a self-proclaimed 'mad scientist' Rintaro Okabe. Fans of this show kept flickering between happy and sad parts that the show offered which made the show even more memorable. This show, about the much-used topic of time travel, had a flawless execution along with believable writing.

The time machine has only enough juice left to make a final jump into the past and back. Okabe's last chance to set everything right, and save the girl he has always loved. Okabe realises he needs a substitute for Kurisu's blood and picks up a glowstick lightsaber for that purpose. Okabe and Mayuri are back in the time of Kurisu's death. Okabe manages and succeeds to take in possession of the Metal Oopa toy to prevent Nakabachi's theory from getting destroyed in the fire. Then heads to the closet where Kurisu died to imitate his past self; the liquid in the lightsaber has dried. Nakabachi appears in the frame. With no other way left to save Kurisu, Okabe starts tempting Nakabachi by constantly mocking him and calling him a coward and hence gets stabbed in the stomach. Okabe, however, manages to kick Nakabachi and takes the knife out, starts threatening him with it prompting him to flee with his papers. He, then, knocks over Kurisu with the sabre, while she was trying to call for help. Here, Okabe mentions to Kurisu that he came only to save her from dying.

Spilling his own blood out of his stomach just as it was supposed to be to create the same scene, Okabe puts Kurisu's body in the position. Suzuha gets Okabe back in the time machine. They head back to their time. Okabe wonders if he has finally reached the Steins Gate. Suzuha, with no purpose left, vanishes; promising Okabe to see him when she's born in 2017.

Present Day: Okabe is on the roof of the hospital while Mayuri is looking for him inside. He encounters hopeless Nagabachi whining about his impending arrest and dissolution of SERN. Okabe is seen walking down the street wondering about Kurisu and coming to peace with the idea of her having no memories of him left now. Right then, he manages to come across Kurisu, who has been looking for him to thank him for saving her. With Okabe calling her 'Christina' she revives all the memories of the other world lines. He then welcomes her back and holds out a lab pin for her, reaffirming their love. This is a true choice of Steins Gate.

Cowboy Bebop (The Real Folk Blues) -

Cowboy Bebop (The Real Folk Blues)

Cowboy Bebop was a short but unforgettable show back in its days, which is still loved to this day. It was rather an episodic show for most of its anyway short run but didn't follow a general storyline in the background. However, it was the impact of the two final episodes of the show that made it exceptionally astounding. As a matter of fact, everything happened in the rest of the show leading up to those two episodes.

Spike, after reuniting with Julia, and witnessing Annie dying on the store's floor decides to rather confront and fight Vicious than running away. He realizes that the store is surrounded by Vicious' men, and they break into the store in no time. A firefight breaks into the store where Spike and Julia try to keep moving and killing their enemies along, even Julia is shot by one of them.

With Julia dead in his arms, he looks up at the sky with rage and tears in his eyes. After having some casual encounters with Jet and Faye, Spike leaves for syndicate headquarters to surprise Vicious' men. He explodes half of the headquarters with his guns and explosives killing most of the men to finally have a face-off to Vicious on the terrace.

A staggering fight is fought between two perfectly matched opponent, despite Spike's wounds. Both of them, soon apprehend their impending fates of dying there by the hands of the other. Vicious is shot down dead by after managing to land his final blow of Katana onto Spike's body. A flashback of Julia's death runs before Spike's eyes with Julia saying Her last words — “ It was all... a dream”, to which Spike responds, “Yeah, a bad dream”. Covered in blood, shining under the sun, Spike walks down the stairs toward the surviving syndicate member who gaze at him in wonder. Spike looks up, mutters, “Bang!” with a gesture with his hand and collapses on the ground with a pacifying smile on his face and... dies.

Woah, Man... That's how you end a show!


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