A Peek into the world of Hunter X Hunter: A Review!

Introduction: There are shows that are good, there are shows that are bad, And Hunter X Hunter ( The X is silent ) falls under neither of them. Yes, Hunter X Hunter belongs to its own genre and different from other typical Shonen Anime. Firstly, it has two versions one from 1999 and the other one from 2011, People who’ve seen both the versions still prefer the latter one for it’s better animations and effects. The story and the episodes, however, are the same, so you won’t regret not watching the older version. It has 7 Arcs that are distinct from each other, with a different genre in each Arc. So let’s get started with the review.

Hunter x Hunter visual

Story/Plot: The story is about our protagonist Gon Freecss who wants to become a Hunter, a professional who hunt mysterious beasts and hidden treasures, apart from that he wants to find his father Ging Freecss who’s left Gon behind for the sake of being a Hunter. He begins this journey at the age of 12, yes you got that right, 12. And the story kick starts right away, To become a Hunter one must pass Hunter exams, which brings us to the first arc of the show. While giving his Hunter exams, Gon makes a few friends and a few foes. The friends include Killua, A child assassin, Kurapika, The last of his clan who were all killed for their special eyes, Leorio, A medical student who wants to be a Hunter to earn money to support his education.

After the Hunter exams arc, the next one is the Zoldycks family arc, where Killua's family of assassins are introduced, and this is where the story gets interesting. This arc is the shortest of all arcs lasting only 5-6 episodes. This arc is quickly followed by Heavens arena arc, where there are some kickass fight scenes, after all, we are all here for the fights, aren’t we? Then comes Yorknew city arc the second-best arc, where the villains are introduced and explored, followed by greed island arc which is the longest one of this show. Then comes the most controversial arc, the chimaera ant arc. This is either the best arc or worst arc of the show based on your taste. There is no in-between, it’s the best or the worst. The show ends with Hunter elections arc which carries great fights too. All these arcs are the journey of Gon and Killua in their quest to get stronger and achieve their goals.

The next thing to talk about this show is the special ability of people in the show. Just like Dragon ball has Ki, Naruto has chakra, black clover has magic, this show has a special ability called Nen. During the Heavens arena arc, we are introduced to Nen. It is much complicated than chakra and ki. One can easily get confused if they’re not paying enough attention when someone is talking about Nen in the show. Once the Nen is introduced, the characters are massively developed, yet get only convincingly strong. By the end of the last arc, both the protagonists get well versed with Nen.

Characters: Apart from Gon and his friends, the show contains many interesting characters that are pro at handling Nen, like Hisoka, a power lusted unique character with one of the strongest nen abilities, Hisoka appears more frequently after Hunter exams arc and is one of the fan favourites. The next interesting character is Chrollo Lucifer, the antagonist and leader of a badass evil organization called phantom troupe, Lucifer is also one of the fan favourites despite being an antagonist. The show goes on to bring more and more interesting characters. However one of the issues with this show is we don’t see the full potential of all characters. An example of this is, we don’t see Kurapika and Leorio, the main characters, after Yorknew city arc. They appear very less in the remainder of the show and we don’t see anything big from them. Although character development of Gon and Killua, an interesting plot and engaging fights make up for the lack of other characters, the absence of these characters can be noticed at times.

Why you shouldn’t miss the show: Interesting arcs post Hunter exams and the development of friendship between Gon and Killua, the development of some other characters. A few fight scenes where Nen abilities are used are to be looked out for too. The background scores and Animations are better than many mainstream animes. One of the best things about this show is that there are no fillers, Yes it’s true. The story begins with the first episodes and ends on the last one. And there isn’t one unrelated episode in between.

What can bother you: A very slow first arc, there’s an episode where people just run through a long dark tunnel and do nothing else. I had to force myself to get through the first arc. Even interesting arcs are slow at some occasions, most of these slow moments are in a greed island arc. And the absence of a few main characters post Yorknew city arc. If you’re a Kurapika fan you’ll notice his absence at times. Also, the ending comes all of a sudden, the story can be continued, but the Anime ended because the manga was not finished at that time. So far there is no news regarding the show’s reboot or continuity, but manga, however, is still in works and hasn’t ended yet.

Conclusion: Hunter X Hunter is like a rollercoaster ride, it begins slowly where you can feel it’s just waste of your time, and gets slow at turns, however, the ride on whole is a kickass experience as the slowness is compensated by super fights, and Mindblowing abilities and few exceptional characters. No wonder it is one of the highly-rated show with 9.1 ratings by myanimelist and 8.9 by Imbd. My personal ratings for this show is 8.5/10. I highly recommend watching this show.

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