Akihabara's Virtual Doujinshi Event "ComicVket 1" Attracted Over 100,000 Visitors!

Akihabara's Virtual Doujinshi Event "ComicVket 1" Attracted Over 100,000 Visitors!
Comic VKet Visual!

HIKKY, the Tokyo based company announced today that the Doujinshi event, "ComicVket 1", held in a virtual reality Akihabara from August 13 to 16, 2020, drew 104,546 visitors from all over the world. The four-day event included 337 doujinshi circles and 60 companies that promoted their new works and products.

The visitors were able to visit the VR reproduction of the real Akihabara from their smartphone, PC and VR devices for free without any traffic. New doujinshi and limited-edition merchandise were up for purchase through digital downloading and mail order.

The event included the real Akihabara's 60 restaurants and electronics stores as they were all lined up in a row in the virtual space to give shopping coupons to the visitors. The event created an opportunity for the stores in keeping contact with the customers.

"ComicVket 2" has already been announced to be held in early 2021 as the current one was a huge success.

Comiket is a biannual doujinshi fair in Tokyo, Japan and is a grassroots DIY event focused on the sale of doujin (self-published works). It is a non-profit volunteer-run event by Comic Market Prepatory Committee (ComiketPC). It was first held on 21 December 1975 with around 700 attendees and has grown on to become the largest fan convention in the world, with an estimate attendance of over half a million.

Source: Crunchyroll


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