An evening with Cosplayers at Hello Guppy!

In a major fest like Comic Con, cosplayers are the centre of attraction. It’s fascinating to watch them embodying their favourite characters and bring them to life.

The roadmap to the event is a daunting task as they are busy juggling putting their costumes together and running to complete their registrations for the event. In the midst of all these chaos and commotion by the end of it, there is no time and energy left to enjoy? Therefore, small events and social gatherings curate by individuals becomes an opportune moment for a cosplayer to connect with their fellow cosplayers and let their hair down. 

At a recently concluded Halloween fest, Otaku In Town was a part one such gathering - a Halloween Karaoke night at Hello Guppy, Mumbai. We spoke to the organiser of the event Ms.Tanya Shringarpure. Tanya aka Pseudonym Syrinx, in the community, is a veterinarian by profession but when she is not busy vetting pets, she is busy role-playing as her favourite Anime character.  She has been cosplaying since 2010 and is fascinated by everything the art has to offer to its patrons.

She stumbled upon the idea of karaoke meet up back in 2011 in Mumbai Anime Club (MAC), which later become difficult - to host a large gathering with limited space. But when she got the opportunity to host at Hello Guppy, she was game for it with Halloween - a perfect opportunity to introduce new people to the art of cosplay. It also serves an opportunity to cosplayers to dress up and still let their hair down to celebrate with good food, amazing drinks, and wonderful music which all the guests enjoyed as much as she did hosting it. Till date, Tanya has hosted four events, and she hopes to keep up the frequency.

"I wanted to create a space for cosplayers to indulge in their favourite hobby without being restricted by big armour or crowds demanding selfies, and for them to be able to let down their hair, have a drink, eat, and share their fandoms in a relaxed environment," says Tanya.

As part of the community, she wants the cosplayers to “Relax and not burn ourselves out on a hobby.” The most important part - celebrate your fandom!

- Avinash Yadav

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