An Inspiring Tale Of Hands And Brains Behind Pokemon: Satoshi Tajiri

Pokemon is one of the iconic game/show we grew up watching/playing. It is so famous that it sold more than 150 million copies and is one of the most popular Anime. This gem of a game/show is created by Satoshi Tajiri. Let’s know more about him in this week’s “Know your favourite artist”

Early Life: Satoshi was born on August 28 1965, in Tokyo. As a child, he enjoyed collecting insects for a hobby. Other children used to call him Dr.Bug. They didn’t know at that time that this hobby of his would-be inspiration for something far greater. This very idea of catching and collecting creatures paved way for his future games and tv shows. He was fascinated by games as a teenager and would spend hours on gaming. He eventually had planned to make games of his own. He did not attend University but instead did a two-year technical degree program at the Tokyo national college of technology where he majored in electronics and computer science. He wanted to know as much as computer stuff he can to make games.

Career: Satoshi wrote and edited a Fanzine( a fan magazine) called Game Freak from 1981 to 1986 focusing on the arcade games. He created it to help gamers win by helping them with strategies and Easter eggs. It sold more than 10,000 copies. After realising that most of these games are sloppy and boring he including with his illustrator on the fanzine decided to make their own games. For which he studied programming and game development. And just like that, a fanzine company became a gaming company. Their first game was an arcade-style game called Quinty and the gaming publisher Namco helped them with it.

Pokémon: Satoshi first conceived the idea of Pokémon in 1990. He was inspired by Game Boy. When he thought about the link cable being able to interact with two-game boys, he felt it was like bugs crawling back and forth. He instantly suggested that using game boys, gamers can use their link cables to trade collections. He pitched this idea to Nintendo staff. They couldn’t understand the concept but were impressed with his idea of the game and decided to work with him and explore the game. It took 6 years from then to finally produce, Pokemon Red and Green. It nearly made the company Game Freaks, bankrupt. Few employees quit and Satoshi was living off his father and didn’t take anything the company earned till that point. He even worked for two Mario games from Nintendo and another game pulse man for the funding. The game finally released and was expected to be a flop. However, when users heard that there is a special Pokemon named Mew which can only be obtained by exploiting programming errors, people began to buy the game. Which paved the way to Anime and other games in future. He typically used to work for 24 hours straight followed by 12 hours of sleep. This very hard work made Pokemon one of the best selling games and most watched Anime.

Inspiration: Satoshi was inspired by Anime, Godzilla and Ultraman.

Recognition: Satoshi received many credits in a career spanning over 3 decades. IGN named him one of the top 100 game creators of all time. He was also credited as one of the top 10 most influential people in modern video game market. These are just a few to count.

This is about the man the myth the legend of the Pokemon world, Satoshi. Please let us know about your favourite artists so that we can write about them and let other people know. Follow us everywhere to know more about other Artists in the Anime world. Peace out!


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