#AnimaxIndiaDaisuki : Desperate Attempt Of Otakus To Bring Animax Back In India!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Sony Pictures Network India's niche channel Animax will go off air soon. The channel which only broadcasted anime shows was launched in the year 2004 and it has been targeting the niche anime lovers of age-group between 13-45. Animax channel will be replaced by a new kids entertainment channel Sony Yay!, While all its content will be made available on the Network's OTT platform SonyLiv.

The otakus in India are extremely disheartened by the news. They took it to social media to express their disappointment and demanded Sony Pictures Network India to change the decision by using a #tag #animaxindiadaisuki.

Check out the various methods Otakus used on Facebook :

Method 1 emotional blackmailing!

Method 2 Abusing

Method 3 Sarcasm!

Some even tried to take help from our Prime Minister!

While some simply expressed their disappointment!

Some tried to reach to the Sony Pictures Officials and encouraged others to knock their doors as well!

Here is a heartfelt post made by one of the Otakus in India bidding adieu to Animax!

When so much is happening on Facebook how could Twitteraties stay behind?

Otakus have even started a petition to bring Animax back!

Weather or not these efforts will change the hearts of the Sony Pictures Network India's officials is what we will have to wait and see. But one thing is absolute, the otakus will surely miss Animax when it goes off air.

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