Anime Lovers Want Oscars Now?

Anime shows have kept surprising world with their proficiency in intense storylines and influential characters. This has been their major propeller to take them to international fame in the last decade. The emergence of highly controversial characters such as Light Yagami from everyone's favourite psychological thriller anime Death Note to arguably the most endearing anime character of all time Son Goku from generously loved Dragon Ball Franchise.

It was high time for anime lovers to take their personal favourite anime characters to the world stage and bring them the recognition and garlands they deserve for their impeccable performances over the years.

Looking upon the degree of impact that internet trends are having on global affairs, it wouldn't be completely wrong to say that the ongoing twitter trend by anime fanatics of pitching The Academy Awards to consider an award category for anime character would go in vain.

Fans most certainly have an ocean of characters to choose from when the discussion is about — which character should walk down the red carpets of The Oscars.

Which is your favourite?

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