“Anime Industry Is Rising Above And Beyond With Every Passing Year”, says the recent finance report

Anime Industry has somehow managed to stay strong amidst all the chaos that this year had served on our plates. People were quarantined, forced to stay indoors. Streets, offices, restaurants were emptied. When all the businesses suffered and all the industries bore huge losses, the entertainment industry enjoyed a humongous super-profit.

In order to escape from the distress and chaos of outside, people turned on their computer screens and hooked on one or the other source of entertainment. As one of the means to escape the chaos, anime emerged as a strong choice for the people sitting in the different and distant corners of the world. Following the economic uncertainty and stress of the pandemic, the anime industry rose to exponential figures and gained 15% additional profits compared to previous years earning a total of 2.51 Trillion Yen. Although this amount showed a significant rise in the merchandise sales and overseas business of anime, making it even popular in the west, the TV business and home videos of such animated shows and movies in Japan had to see a decline. Nevertheless, the overall industry gained huge amounts that the little loss of the domestic business wouldn’t hurt the anime fans.

The Associations of Japanese Animations released a preliminary Anime Industry Reports 2020 on Friday giving the detailed statistics of the industry’s financial figures. While the data satisfied the fans with the numbers, the AJA cautioned the fans that the industry could see a serious downfall and has to take some strong actions now to save the industry from future losses as the regulation of anime is also rapidly rising in China.

Association of Japanese Animations has been publishing the financial reports on the anime industry since 2009 and if we put the figures of 10 years in contrast to each other, the difference is that of day and night. Where the industry earned a gross total of 1.26 Trillion Yen, it jumped to 2.51 Trillion Yen in 2019, which is just double of what it earned a decade ago. The overseas markets dominated over a large portion of total earnings in 2019, of about 1.2 Trillion Yen, estimating roughly to 47.8 % of the gross total.

Source: ANN, Press Release by AJA

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