Anno Moyko’s Manga, Memoirs Of Amorous Gentlemen, Lands As An American Musical Play

Anno Moyko’s work is quite popular among women for it presents liberating thoughts of the protagonists of her stories which most often happen to be women. Anno Moyko’s works are majorly characterized by the realistically hard-hitting struggles of women and their consequentially bold efforts to triumph over those.

Recent news is there just to add to the already illustrious accomplishments of Anno Moyko, one of the most influential mangaka of her own genre for today’s generation. One of the mangas created by Anno is to influence a Western/American musical stage play becoming the very first manga ever to be adapted as a musical stage play by the west. The mentioned musical is to be directed by Rob Ashford. Rob is a Tony Award-winning stage play director; he has directed magnificently received stage plays like Thoroughly Modern Millie, Frozen and many others before.

Anno Moyko’s Memoirs Of Amorous Gentlemen has become the very first manga to inspire an American musical. ‘Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen’ shares the story of two people leading their inter-tangled, yet individually devastated lives. Collete is a young woman, trapped inside the malicious world of prostitution when she has to quench the sexual thirsts of all those men carrying erotic urges. She, though, tries to escape her despairing life thinking about the man she had affection for, Leon Gigolo.

‘Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen’ was first published in the Feel Young Magazine in 2013 and received numerous accolades along with an award from Cultural Affairs Ministry of Japan in the Media Festival Awards, 2013.

To facilitate the hype for the musical stage play, the short anime based on the story by Anno Moyko has been re-released on YouTube, which was initially released by Studio Khara in 2015. The Musical is produced by Izumi Takeuchi.

Source: Anno Moyko’s Twitter Account, Epic Dope


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