Attack On Titan: The Roar Of Awakening's Poster Revealed!

A new poster of the 3rd instalment of Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan) film is revealed. The movie is named Shingeki No Kyojin: Kakusei, no Houkou in Japanese and Attack On Titan: The Roar Of Awakening in english. The film is set to release on 13th of January, 2018 across Japan.

The poster focuses on Eren, who is crying while lifting his blade; and the reflection of one Colossal and one Armoured Titans could be seen on his blade. The poster captures a crucial moment from the film, where Eren finds out the shocking truth about the pair of Titans and makes a decision to take the two titans down.

"Attack on Titan" - The Roar of Awakening will cover the entire Season 2 of the TV anime. The film is directed by Masashi Koizuka and written by Yasuko Kobayashi and Hajime Isayama (Original writer of Shingeki No Kyojin).

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The series began in Kodansha's Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine on September 9, 2009, and has been collected into 24 tankōbon volumes as of December 2017. The series was adapted into anime from Wit Studio & Production I.G. with the third season premiering in 2018.

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