Venus Versus Virus' Mangaka Atsuhi Suzumi To Launch A New Manga In February!

The latest issue of Kadokawa's Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine recently revealed that popular mangaka Atushi Suzumi is launching a new manga in the next issue of the magazine. The upcoming manga is tentatively titled Tengai Cloud and the issue is planned to ship on 26th of February 2018.

Synopsis: The Yūki Matsuda — a member of the city of Akitakata's commerce, industry, and tourism division — is credited with cooperation on the manga. The manga centers on a scary-faced high school student named Gō, who transfers to Hiroshima and tries to use the chance to change his image, but he fails and becomes a loner once again. But then, his classmate Isuzu forces him to join the "Kagura" club, which focuses on the kagura theatrical dance style of Shinto.

Suzumi is known for manga such as Nightmare Go Round, Amefurashi: The Rain Goddess, Tokyo Ravens, Uruwashi Kaito Arisu and Venus Versus Virus. Suzumi started her career with the launch of manga Haridama Magic Cram School in 2005. Suzumi ended the manga adaptation of Kouhei Azano's Tokyo Ravens light novel series in July, and the 15th and final volume shipped on September 26.

Her manga Venus Versus Virus was adapted into an anime television series in 2007. ADV Films and later FUNimation Entertainment released the anime on DVD.

Source: ANN

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