Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) are a substantial part of the multibillion-dollar gaming industry. Millions of people of all ages across the globe engage in gameplay. With the average gamer logging 26.6 hours a week online instead of engaging in real-world activities and responsibilities, this genre has created an international epidemic. In the last ten years, the literature on this topic has gained interest and momentum. Researchers continue to explore the innumerable reaches of MMORPGs and how the gamer and their community are affected.

Here are a few benefits of MMORPG:

1. The ability to establish new friendships and practice social skills. This can be particularly helpful for people who feel awkward or lonely.

2. Increased empathy toward people with different lifestyles or appearances.

3. By adopting a new persona, a player may be able to learn what life could be like for another person.

4. Developing strategy and critical-thinking skills as players develop complex solutions to ongoing challenges.

Rpg games greatly boost creativity, strategy development, troubleshooting and quick problem-solving skills. It helps to tackle with social anxiety, the players who have anxiety may live freely in their in-game fantasy world. Voice communication with others in the game could also improve one's communication skills.

For the people in depression or the ones suffering from "POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD)", MMORPG games is the best diversion as you can live virtually in you fantasy world the way you want for example (mobile legends, heroes of order and chaos, Dota-2, mine-craft, simps2)

A study from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health shows some are finding help by playing their favourite video games. Researchers said video games helped some veterans distract themselves from PTSD symptoms including anxiety, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts.

- Article by: Omkar


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