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Hunter X Hunter Manga Is Back, And The Response From Fans Is Hilarious!

Official twitter account of Shonen Jump revealed the come back of one of the most popular manga Hunter X Hunter written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. The official account tweeted "Welcome Back" along with a picture of Kurapika and text on it saying Hunter X Hunter is back.

While fans are no doubt excited after the announcement was made, yet their response was also filled with lots of sarcasm and mockery because of continuous long Hiatus the manga takes every time it returns since 2006.

Here is how fans responded to the official tweet:

The last Chapter of Hunter X Hunter that was released was chapter 370 on August 31st, 2018. Since then the manga had again gone of long break. It was later revealed that the manga will resume in 2018's issue 9, due to be released on January 29th. Crunchyroll had earlier shared a chart presenting the number of Hiatus Hunter X Hunter had taken so far.

There are various memes already spread across the internet over the Hiatus. Here are some of the hilarious ones that we have picked up.

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