Blood C: The Last Mind Stage Play With English Subs Released Exclusively On Amazon Prime!

Popular web streaming site Amazon Prime began streaming the stage play of Blood-C: The Last Mind with English subtitles. The play is divided and streamed in 2 parts. The rights of the film distribution lies with the company Ammo Content.

The play is directed by Shutaro Oku, who has also directed Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 4: The Ultimate in Manyonaka Arena stage plays; while script writer of Blood C 2011 television anime Jun'ichi fujisaku has written the script for the play. The play ran at the Setagaya Public Theater from 2nd July to 5th July.

Blood-C: The Last Mind is a stage play is an Interquel that tells a new story linking the timeframes of the television series and movie Blood-C: The Last Dark, as well as expanding on some events which occurred between the prequel manga Blood-C: Demonic Moonlight and the television series.

Synopsis: After the massacre in Ukishima, Saya lost her memory and wanders the slums where she meets Haru, an unlicensed doctor, and Ran, the girl who hunts the Elder Bairns. As her memory returns, she discovers that she had relationships with them both in the past, secret promises made by the Nanahara caln and her arch-nemesis, Fumito. As Sayo tries to rescue kidnapped Haru, she encounters Fumito again.

Blood-C is a collaboration project between Production I.G and CLAMP. Production I.G is an animation studio which had created the Blood franchise with the 2000 film Blood: The Last Vampire, which was the studio's first attempt at an original in-house project.

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