Boruto Chapter 51 Spoilers Update And Chapter 52 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 51 Spoilers Update And Chapter 52 Release Date

In the previous chapter of the Boruto Manga, we saw that battle between Konoha and Isshiki has started and it wasn’t looking good for us. Sasuke was at the mercy of Isshiki and Boruto saves him at the last possible second. Isshiki even though he had the chance, didn’t kill Boruto at that time and Boruto tells Sasuke that for some reason Isshiki will not kill him. Meanwhile, Naruto who was thrown away earlier is finding his way back to the battlefield and trying to find others.

In this chapter, we see the parallel conversations between Sasuke and Boruto and Amado and Shikamaru. Both these conversations are meant to find out why Isshiki will not kill Boruto. According to Amado, A ten tails need to feed on a living Otsutsuki to transform into a divine tree. When Kaguya came to earth she was supposed to be fed to Tentails, instead, she betrays Isshiki and runs away. With no choice left, Isshiki lets the tree feed on himself after planting his karma in Jigen, to make sure he is resurrected. So for this ritual alone, Boruto is spared because he has Momoshiki’s karma inside and once it is evolved completely, he will be sacrificed to the tree and Isshiki can enjoy chakra fruit in Kawaki’s body.

Boruto Chapter 51 Spoilers Update And Chapter 52 Release Date

The chapter is titled 'Sacrifice' and I thought the reason was that Boruto is meant to be sacrifice until I read further that is. We see Naruto talking to Kurama about how he wants to save Konoha and Kawaki, how he wants to delay Isshiki. Kurama asks if he’s got any plan and Naruto replies that he has none. Kurama says that he has a plan, but that would kill Naruto. A suicide mission. A do and die move. And then we see Isshiki hurting Boruto saying he can’t kill him but he very well can hurt him. He breaks Boruto's hand. Naruto comes and saves Boruto and says to Kurama that he’s ready. He then transforms into a new form. We only got a small sneak peek of it. And the chapter ends with it.

So it made sense as to why the chapter is titled 'Sacrifice'. What is this new killer move of Naruto? Is he gonna really die? Like actually Die? I’m so not ready for this.! We will only know more about this on November 20 because that’s when the new chapter arrives.

But guys, I actually have a theory on what could happen and how can Naruto be saved and what could be the plot of the Manga, that leads to the events we saw in the first episode of the Anime. I will write the theory and will let you all know soon. So please stay tuned on our website and our social media handles. Do not miss the theory! Until then, Peace out!


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