Boruto Chapter 53: Leaks and potential spoilers and theories.

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In Boruto Chapter 52, it has been shown that Kawaki, for whom Isshiki has been searching for a while now, has been teleported to the battlefield, to the horror of Naruto and Sasuke as they both look in shock. There are some early spoilers and leaks for the next chapter that we want to let you know about. Also, we have a theory about what could happen going further. So let’s get it into this topic.

Spoiler alert.

Leaks: Leaks of this new chapter which is written by Kishimoto himself are being circulated in twitter and one such leak is shared by a trustable Twitter account Abdul Zoldyck, which shows Boruto who is partly transformed into Otsutsuki, with Momoshiki’s control over his body, stabs Sasuke in the eye. Now, this can destroy Sasuke’s Rinnegan. It looks so disturbing.

Spoilers: out of many spoilers, there’s one, in particular, that is very trustable. It turns out despite the dominating war tactics of Isshiki, he couldn’t have Kawaki’s body after all. Isshiki beats the hell out of Naruto and the Hokage is now back to his original form, Isshiki now goes towards Kawaki. Quickly Sasuke uses his Rinnegan to switch places with Kawaki and teleports him. Enraged, Isshiki grabs Naruto and threatens to kill him if Kawaki doesn’t show up. In a desperate attempt, Kawaki thinks what Hokage has told him about being a shinobi and appears on the battlefield with attacking Isshiki with a fire Jutsu, Isshiki absorbs it and tells Kawaki that he is no shinobi and the sole reason for his existence is to be the vessel of Isshiki. Isshiki then comes towards Kawaki and observes that the karma seal disappearing on his body. It appears that Kawaki used a shadow clone to distract Isshiki. Isshiki now is out of time and is crumbling to the ground. For the moment it appears that it’s the end of Isshiki. Naruto and Sasuke appreciate Kawaki for his quick thinking. And that is when Boruto stabs Sasuke in his Rinnegan eye!! Borushiki, Momoshiki in Boruto's body, tells then he is surprised that they could defeat Isshiki and now he will defeat them

Theory: According to my theory, a battle occurs between Borushiki and Kawaki as both Naruto and Sasuke are not in the state to fight. And Kawaki could be losing. To avoid Momoshiki defeating him and kill Naruto, Sasuke and Boruto, Kawaki could give his body willingly to Momoshiki in return to leave Boruto, Sasuke and Naruto alone. Momoshiki can honour this too, seeing Sasuke without Rinnegan and dying Naruto as no threat!!

These are the spoilers leaks and theory for the next Boruto chapter and the chapters in future. Please follow us everywhere for more news on Anime.

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