Boruto Next Generations Chapter 49, A Breakdown Review And Potential Spoilers

Chapter 49 of Boruto Next Generations was released on 20th August and it could be the final chapter before our heroes Naruto and Sasuke take on Isshiki Otsutsuki for round 2. Round 1 was won by Isshiki and now we have a score to settle. I just read the chapter and my first impression is, wow. The stage has been nicely set for the glorious battle that’s about to come in the next chapter. So I’m going to breakdown this chapter and present to you guys the big moments of it. So let’s get started.

Boruto Next Generations Chapter 49, A Breakdown Review And Potential Spoilers
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At the end of the previous chapter we’ve seen the fight between Jigen and Kashin koji which ended on a bad note for Kashin, but since Isshiki was running out of time too, he instantly uses the karma portal to teleport to Konoha to find Kawaki. This chapter begins with both Naruto and Sasuke realizing Isshiki is here and they have no time to waste. The 7th Hokage right away orders evacuation of the village as things can get messy when you’re about to fight an Otsutsuki.We then see Isshiki asking a leaf ninja about Kawaki, as he was unable to pinpoint Kawaki's location even with the power of Dojutsu he’s got. The leaf ninja tries to attack Isshiki in vain as he instantly shrinks the shuriken he throws. He then politely asks if they know anything about Kawaki to which the ninja say they know nothing. Isshiki thanks them for not wasting his and their time and moves away in search of Kawaki. We then see Naruto the seventh Hokage of Konohagakure, head out to find Isshiksi so that he can buy some time for Shikamaru and others to hide Kawaki. It is instantly decided that they will be hiding Kawaki in an underground unused base which is resistant to Byakugan. They head out to hide Kawaki just before Sasuke takes a moment to talk to Boruto about the transformation Mitsuki and Sarada talked about against the fight with boro. Boruto says he barely remembers anything and it felt like someone else was fighting with his body, and based on what Amado said, it could be the doing of Momoshiki's karma. We see Boruto getting worried about the karma, he says he’s ready to die as a shinobi of the leaf in a battle but doesn’t want to be controlled by Momoshiki’s karma and jeopardize his own village shinobi.

And then we see Naruto and Isshiki run into each other, without wasting any time, as they both know each other's intentions, start exchanging blows. We see Naruto slightly on the backfoot and Isshiki tries to finish him with a strong blow, suddenly Sasuke appears and saves Naruto by exchanging places with Isshiki. Sasuke asks Naruto to throw kunai or shuriken or whatever he’s got and give an opening as he seems to have a plan. Naruto does so and Isshiki shrinks them all, Sasuke from other end throws his Blade at Isshiki, which he tries to shrink but fails to, Naruto looks confused, and Isshiki looks shocked and BOOMMM… the blade goes POOF, And my man Boruto appears, he was transformed as the blade all along waiting for perfect opening and he gets one. Man oh man, I went bonkers on this!!!

Then we see the other half of conversation between Sasuke and Boruto, where Sasuke tells Boruto that as his teacher he is prepared to do anything from Momoshiki’s karma taking over Boruto, including killing him if he had to. Boruto asks Sasuke his headband before joining the battle, and Sasuke gives him and tells that it is precious to him and would prefer Boruto give it to him back in person after everything ends. And my favourite moment of the chapter comes when Boruto ties Sasuke’s headband and says “I promise” with a smirk on his face. It reminded me of the way Naruto used to be. How he used to say “Believe me”. And then we see the hero of the hour Boruto, with Karma marks on his face, full in control, opens a karma portal and teleports to a more secure and open location. Sasuke and Naruto quickly follow Boruto and Isshiki by their charka scent. Naruto starts to lecture Boruto as he does not want him anywhere near the battlefield. Boruto replies that everything is under control and he did this on purpose so that Naruto and Sasuke can go all out in the battle. We see Isshiki wondering how much of Momoshiki’s powers Boruto can use and says to them they’ll regret all this soon enough!!

This is one of the best chapters so far and this got me hyped up for the battle that’s about to start. We all want some extraordinary fights and I expect this will be better than Momoshiki’s fight. The new chapter will be released on September 18th and I will be back with the breakdown of that chapter. For more updates, please stay tuned on

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