Boruto Next Generations: Chapter 50 Breakdown Review And Chapter 51 Release Date

Boruto Next Generations: Chapter 50 Breakdown Review And Chapter 51 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 50 released yesterday. I was gonna do a review the day it was released. But I’ve read it yesterday and there was a lot to sink in which eventually delayed this one. Guys, I’ll be honest with you, this is looking grim for Sasuke and Naruto. I mean we all heard rumours about their deaths and theories that Boruto will survive alone to fight Kawaki who completely surrendered to Isshiki, but it appears that those rumours may come true.

So in the previous chapter, we see Boruto teleports Isshiki to the more open area so that Naruto and Sasuke can fight without having to worry about the village. This chapter opens with Naruto asking how did he do it, and Boruto replies by saying that he figured out that Otsutsuki can use the karma portal and he can use it too. Naruto asks Boruto to run away from the battlefield because he can get killed if he joins the battle. Isshiki moves forward to attack and Naruto prepares himself to attack Isshiki, Sasuke yells at Naruto to look above, and we see Isshiki grabbing Boruto by the neck trying to kill him. He looks at Boruto closely and tells that he is 80% into the transformation to an Otsutsuki and asks Boruto to show how powerful he became. Sasuke uses his rinnegan to teleport Boruto to ground, and we see Boruto in relief. Naruto charges at Isshiki with two rasengan, one in each hand which Isshiki makes them disappear using his dojutsu. We see Naruto looks at Sasuke trying to attack Isshiki with chidori and grabs Isshiki with huge arms of Kurama cloak to immobilize him. Isshiki teleports to the back of Naruto, and grabs Sasuke’s hand and puts out chidori with style. We then see Isshiki use the pillar-like things to fall on the ground randomly in which Naruto's clones are destroyed, we then see Sasuke trying to escape from those pillars and Isshiki finds this time to attack Sasuke, Sasuke tries to defend himself and gets back to Isshiki with the sword which Isshiki shrinks, and puts Sasuke on the ground. He then unshrinks the sword and says that he is willing to finish off all the three here and goes for Sasuke first, Boruto appears and uses a smoke bomb and saves Sasuke and teleports to a nearby cliff. Boruto then tells that he was right and that Isshiki won’t kill Boruto. Meanwhile, we see a few shots of Kawaki, Amado explaining people that Isshiki used up karma to possess Jigen's body hence the karma mark disappeared on Kawaki. Shikamaru says Kawaki is a free man now, to which he says that Isshiki came to Konoha searching for him, and that means he is not a free man. Amado replies saying that Naruto and Sasuke just have to hold him for few days in a battle because Jigen's body will not bare Isshiki’s karma anymore. So their objective is not to kill Isshiki but to delay his arrival. He also says that Boruto is the key to victory against Isshiki.

Now, this is the summary that also includes spoiler of course. Both Boruto and Amado's last dialogues say that Boruto holds some importance in the fight and has leverage on Isshiki. The chapter ends with Boruto saying Isshiki can’t kill him. Which is weird because just at the start of the chapter we saw Isshiki choking Boruto. Was that just to check if he can kill Boruto? What does Boruto mean when he said Isshiki can’t kill Boruto. I’m so confused. I cannot wait to read the next chapter. The next chapter releases on October 20th, 2020 which is one month away. The wait is very long and I hope it is worth it.

Once the new chapter releases I will break it down and let you guys know. For more updates and news, please stay tuned on


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