Boruto: Naruto Next Generations | Episode 1 Review | Boruto gives a Nostalgic Feeling!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

So the episode 1 of the most awaited sequel of Naruto is out and to be honest it is way better than what everyone had expected. Honestly we all never wanted Naruto to end, as much as we hated the fillers, we were still sad for the end of Naruto's journey. The journey that started way back in 2002 was concluded and it felt like its an end of a phase of our life. It felt just like when we completed our school or when we attended the farewell of our college or when we quit our first job. We all knew that a new journey is about to begin, yet we wanted to hold on to the old one, but it slipped out right through our hand. Yes Naruto ended. And with the disappointing experience of fillers from Naruto, we never kept any hope from its upcoming sequel Boruto to be any better. Yet we dared to watch it, because we simply can't let Naruto go from our heart.

The beginning of the episode was same as it was there in Manga. The clash between Boruto and Kawaki, which gets intense as Boruto reveals the byakugan in his right eye. Till now everything was as expected, but then things started going beyond the expectations as the story of Boruto begins in the flashback. As per manga his story began with the start of Boruto the movie and same was expected from the anime series. But to everyone's shock that didn't happen. The series is ahead of manga. In-fact they added a completely new character Denki, who is still not revealed in manga. Apart from that the anime even revealed that Boruto possess the byakugan even before he joins the academy, which clears all the doubts about his byakugan being borrowed from someone else.

To talk about the episode, the pace of the episode is really good, you don't find any moment which makes you feel dragged. The thrill element in the story keeps you hooked till the very end of the episode. Also the most crucial and important thing that creators have done with Boruto's character is that; they have made him select his own different path. This makes an easy transit for the Naruto fans to look at Boruto from different perspective and with different expectations. Boruto's background is different, Boruto's dreams are different, so the path that he chooses is expected to be different and yet you feel nostalgic while watching Boruto, that is what I would call an achievement of the creators of Boruto.

In all the first episode managed to surprise as well as reprise the old feeling of watching Naruto and made us join Boruto in his new Journey!

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