Cells At Work! Code Black Trailer Is Dark & Brutal!

Cells At Work! Code Black visual

The official YouTube channel of Aniplex US released the 1-minute trailer of their upcoming anime series 'Cells At Work! Code Black' on 13th August 2020. The trailer is subtitled in the English language. 'Cells At Work! Code Black' anime series is an adaptation of the medical comedy spin-off manga Cells at Work! by Akane Shimizu. The anime series will debut in January 2021.

The trailer is dark and brutal as suggested by the series' tag line "Get to work! Your life depends on it". The video opens with the montage of red blood cells and white blood cells posing still and tense. The voice-over suggests that the body is ravaged by unhealthy choices, and to overcome these crises they will have to work until they dropdown. Then follows the montage of their struggle to keep the damaged body functioning, while constantly confronting and fighting various viruses. The trailer ends with visuals of most of the cells die or on the verge of dying. The voice-over, in the end, raises the question, "Overworked and strained, what do these cells have in mind at the end of the day?".

Junya Enoki gave the voice over for Red Blood cell, and Yoko Hikasa has given it for white blood cell (Neutrophil). Kenjiro Tsuda has given the narration for the series. Hideyo Yamamoto directed the series, and Eiji Abiko has done the character design. Hayashi Mori has done the composition/screenplay, and Yugo Kanno gave the music.

Synopsis by 'Cells At Work! Code Black' official website:

A rookie Red Blood Cell has been bustling about, frantically making oxygen deliveries all around the body! But it turns out that his workplace is on the brink of going, Code Black!

Drinking, smoking, stress, sleep deprivation...

Struggling to survive life, not unlike the brutal corporate world, what must these overworked cells be thinking at the end of the day? This is a tale about the inside of your body...

About the original manga Cells At Work:

Cells at Work is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Akane Shimizu. The manga started serialization in Kodansha's Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine in January 2015. It inspired a 13 episodic anime adaptation by David Production. The series aired between July and September in 2018 on Tokyo MX and other channels in Japan. Aniplex of America simulcasted the series on Crunchyroll.

About Cells At Work! Code Black:

Cells At Work! Code Black is a spin-off manga of Cells at Work by Akane Shimizu. It manga is written by Shigemitsu Harada and illustrated by Issei Hatsuyoshi. The manga runs in Weekly Morning magazine since 7th June 2018.

Source: Cells At Work Official Website, YouTube Channel, Crunchyroll

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