Cells at Work!! Moviegoers to Receive Manga's "4.9th" Volume

Cells at Work!! Moviegoers to Receive Manga's "4.9th" Volume
Cells At Work!! The Return Of The Strongest Enemy

Aniplex announced on Saturday that "Cells at Work!! The Return of the Strongest Enemy" moviegoers in Japan will receive the manga's special 4.9th volume as a bonus.

The 32-page booklet will feature the 19.5th chapter newly-drawn by the manga author. The manga will be a prequel to the movie. It will also feature an interview of the anime's director, Hirofumi Ogura, and a discussion between the cast members, Kana Hanazawa (Red Blood Cell AF3802) and Tomoaki Maeno (White Blood Cell U-1146).

The theatrical anime will release in Japan on September 5 2020, in 103 theatres. The anime is an advance screening of some events from the second season. It was announced in the manga's fifth volume. A short episode titled called Kesshouban Eigakan e Iku (Platelets Go to a Movie) will also be screened along with it.

The new characters and cast members in the theatrical anime will feature - Yuri Yoshida (Lactic Acid Bacteria, Kuro), Rei Takahashi (Lactic Acid Bacteria, Aka), Natsumi Fujiwara ( Lactic Acid Bacteria, Panda) and Yurika Kubo (Lactic Acid Bacteria, Buchi).

The second season of the TV anime adaptation will air in Japan in January 2021. The main staffs will be returning for production of the second season, with the new director, Hirofumi Ogura replacing Kenichi Suzuki.

Sources: ANN

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