Character Dissection: Katsuki Bakugo

We are back with the second episode of character dissection. For today’s episode, we have Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia. An underrated genius and a polarizing character. Almost every anime has a second protagonist who is more badass than the main protagonist and is kind of a rival to him. Like Vegeta for Goku, Sasuke for Naruto, Killua for Gon etc. Bakugo falls under the same category. Naturally talented, short-tempered, and a total badass.

Personality: Deku, the protagonist calls him as Kacchaan which means explosion, which is the quirk of Bakugo. Initially, we see Kacchan as a prodigy and he was a jerk about it. He is popular in his class and considered as the strongest among the class before giving the UA entrance exam. Besides being a Jerk to Deku, Kacchan is competitive by nature. If there’s any competition, he will not only participate in it but also goes on a rampage in the competition. He always aims to win but doesn’t want a free biscuit. He wants a fair fight and a fair win, for example with his battle against Todoroki Shoto, he didn’t accept the win mentally because he knew Todoroki did not use his firepower. That being said he isn’t all noble, he went on jealous berserk against Deku when he gets to know about Deku's truth. However, this rivalry or jealousy didn’t make him go evil. When the league of villains tried to use his negative feelings, he clearly says no to them and calls them dumb for thinking that he’d give up on being a hero just because of his anger. This shows his commitment to being a hero. Even though he looks dumb and warns everyone that he’ll kill them ( literally chose his hero name as King explosion Murder), he is a genius when it comes to battle and uses all the resources available to fight. He doesn’t give empty threats and backs his threats with actions.

Powers: Like 'Ki' in Dragon Ball series, Chakra in Naruto, Nen in Hunter X Hunter, MHA has a unique power that resides in our characters which is called a Quirk. Kacchan’s quirk is explosions. He does this by sweating a nitroglycerin-like substance from his skin which he can then detonate at will. He initially used these explosions for the offensive purposes, but over time, he has gotten more creative with his Quirk and has been able to use them for defensive purposes, as well as boosting his speed. He can continue to hold in and fire his explosions at a continuous pace, allowing him to break through structures and barriers such as Ejiro’s shield hardening and Shoto’s ice. He cannot spam his Quirk recklessly, however, as doing so will cause his arms to ache.

Abilities: Every character has abilities that the quirk gives them. Kacchan is no exception. The usage of his quirk not only explode things, but also gives him abilities like super strength, super speed, momentary flight, and high intellect.

In the beginning, he didn’t care about others and just concentrated on himself. However, after spending a year with class 1-a he got somewhat comfortable with them and started caring. Like when he gave Uraraka the fight she deserved and when he agreed to take the drums for the UA festival. Though he doesn’t want to show, he cares for his classmates. He sometimes acts embarrassing that create humour in the anime which is worth watching. Maybe that’s why people love him. In a famous popularity poll, Bakugo came 1st and Deku came 3rd with a difference of almost two thousand votes. After all these facts one could think since he’s a hothead he must be poor at studies. On the contrary, he has one of the best grades in UA. He came third in the class 1-a, yet he calls Deku nerd. His costume is my favourite out of all 1-a students. It’s not only stylish but also was made in such a way that it would help him battle. The grenade shaped things around his wrists aren’t there just for show, they’re there to store his sweat which is the acting element of his explosions. It was designed by himself, which again shows his brains.

In conclusion, Bakugo is one of the most popular and strongest characters of My Hero Academia and works hard to achieve his goal of being a better hero than his Idol All Might. For more character dissections visit every Monday. Until next time. Peace out.


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