Child of Kamiari Month (Kamiari no Kodomo) Movie 60 Second Trailer Released!

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

The official YouTube channel of upcoming anime movie Child of Kamiari Month (Kamiari no Kodomo) released a 60-second trailer on 8th August 2020. Cretia Universal is producing the movie via a crowdfunding campaign which was launched in March 2019. The anime was supposed to release in 2020, but got delayed and will now open in 2021.

Check out the trailer here:

The movie is based on the Japanese tradition of Shimane and Izumo. As per the tradition, the gods from all over Japan hold a meeting (Kamihakari) in Izumo to connect the ties of the following year.

Crunchyroll describes the plot of the film as:

The film's story focuses on Kanna (CV: Aju Makita), a girl who can no longer face her beloved "running" after her mother's passing. One day, a rabbit named Shiro (Maaya Sakamoto), who is a Shinshi (a messenger of gods), and a boy named Yasha (Miyu Irino), an oni (ogre) boy, appear at her. Kanna crosses the boundary between people and gods and is invited into Izumo.

Child of Kamiari Month (Kamiari no Kodomo) Official Poster


Kanna as Ayama Makita

Shiro as Maaya Sakamoto

Yasha as Freedom Irino


Original Communications Director: Toshinari Yonko

Animation Director: Shirai Takashi

Screenplay: Ryuta Miyake, Tetsuro Takita, Toshinari Yonko

character design and chief animation director: Haruka Sagawa

God design: Hiroyasu Oda

Production: Leiden film

music: Sony Music label's

Sources: Child of Kamiari Month film's YouTube channel, Comic Natalie, Crunchyroll, ANN

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