Small Town Girls' Big Fight! Organises Otaku Event Against All Odds!

Arunachal Cosplay Club recently announced a ‘Cosplay Workshop Cum Meet & Greet’ event via it's Facebook page. As the name suggests the event will not only conduct a cosplay workshop, but will also be a platform for anime/manga enthusiasts (Otakus) and Cosplayers to come together and interact with each other.

The event is be hosted by Juno Hotaru (and her family) and Chii Chi. The venue for the ‘Cosplay Workshop Cum Meet & Greet’ event is Donyi Polo B.Ed College, Bank Tinali, VIP road, Nino Lane, near Head Post office, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. The event will be held on 10th of Feb 2019 from 1 pm onwards.

The details about the event are as follows:

The cosplay workshop will focus on following topics;

  • Costume making

  • Prop making

  • Make up

  • Wig Styling

  • Performance

  • And other aspects of cosplay

Apart from the workshop, there would be following performances to entertain the audience;

  • Jpop Performance

  • Cosplay Performance

  • Karaoke (where audience can participate as well)

The audience can socialize and enjoy geekiness at following corners;

  • Manga corner (Especially Yaoi)

  • Yukata corner

  • Exhibition

  • Photo booth

  • Anime Merchandise

There will be giveaways for cosplayers, to encourage more people to cosplay. There will also be anime giveaways to the lucky ones in the audience.

Juno revealed that Arunachal Cosplay Club has been inactive for almost 2 years. Less response and lack of enthusiasm from the audience for the events in Arunachal Pradesh, is one of the main reasons for Juno to shift focus from events to her cosplays. Hotaru further said “I had given up on the idea of organising Cosplay Con every year, because it wasn’t profitable at all. Even if we try our best to put up a show, the audience was non-responsive and discouraging. There are a group of people though, who actually like cosplay, anime, manga etc, but they are too shy to participate in the events. Thus, from now on, we decided to organise small events such as meet ups, workshops, competitions, etc just for people who are actually interested and are willing to socialise with people who share same interest”.

These small events are self sponsored and are non profitable in nature. Hotaru said that from the experience of the previous workshops conducted, the strength of audience for the event is expected to be around 40 - 50 people max. While addressing the pricing of the event Juno explained “ The ticket price is as low as 50 INR, and we being college students, we face a lot of financial challenges to generate amount for such events; and yet there are people who want us to keep the pricing either 10 INR or for free”. Currently Juno and Chii Chi have arranged the investment amount for the event all by themselves. The current funding covers the costs for the sound system, hall rent, refreshments, decor and the equipments required for the event.

Currently Juno and Chii chi are considering themselves as two girl army for the event, as they are organising, hosting, conducting workshop, doing cosplay performances, doing entertainment performances and volunteering for the event all by themselves with a little help from Juno’s family.

The details of the events are put up on the Arunachal Cosplay Club Facebook page.

Check out the link here:

Check out the Facebook page of Hotaru Juno here:

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