Cowboy Bepop: Live-Action Cast Revealed By Netflix

Cowboy Bepop: Live-Action Cast Revealed By Netflix

Netflix recently announced the cast of its upcoming and one of the most anticipated projects, the live-action series adaptation of super hit anime series of late 1990s Cowboy Bepop.

John Cho’s name has already created the buzz of its share of playing the lead role of Spike Seigel. Cho was lauded by the writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach earlier this year, where he told io9 about the great stuff that Cho will be bringing to the role of Spike Seigel. Javier also went on to say, “To see someone like him (John Cho) bring his wonderful mastery of acting to this character, and then also to see the level of physical preparations that he’s done for this project is stunning.”

The latest announcement revealed the rest of the cast that will be joining John Cho and Mustafa Shakir on this much-awaited venture. The streaming giant is trying its utmost in efforts of making this a big hit. And by releasing the names of a great ensemble of cast, it sure has taken another step in the right direction.

Geoff Stults (as Chalmers) and Tamara Tunie (as Ana, the Jazz club owner) will be seen sharing screens with John Cho. Mason Alexander Park is reprising the role of Gren, Ana’s right-hand person. Rachel House is playing Mao, the Capo of the infamous Syndicate ‘White Tigers’ family. Ann Turong and Hoa Xuande will be teaming up as Syndicate henchmen Shin and Lin.

Fans have been drooling over this live-action adaptation ever since its announcement by the streaming service. It will be thrilling to see how the expectations are fulfilled by the efforts of Netflix and its team on this project. will it live up to its hype, or will it be another failed attempt of creating something new out of another cult classic?

Whatever may be the case; Netflix users are sure in for an incredible treat coming their way.


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