Crunchyroll Released A Video With All 15 Naruto Ending Themes

Crunchyroll Released A Video With All 15 Naruto Ending Themes

When we come across something that defined our childhood, they bring back memories worth millions. That’s Naruto for many of us. Right now Crunchyroll is on a roll with increased traffic, new membership tiers and now they hit the news again.

For 18th anniversary of the show Naruto, Crunchyroll gave a small tribute by releasing a video with all the 15 ending themes of the 220 episode show of our favourite Number 1 hyperactive knucklehead Ninja. The whole Naruto franchise had some extraordinary opening and endings themes. I even know some by heart. Many of the ending themes are very memorable as we all grew up singing along to some of them.

Here is the full list of endings from Naruto:

  • “Wind” by Akeboshi

  • “Harmonia” by RHYTHM

  • “Viva* Rock* by Orange

  • “Alive” by Raiko

  • “Ima made Nando mo” by Mass missile

  • “Ryusei” by TIA

  • “Mountain a-go-go-two” by Captain Storydream

  • “Hajmete Kini to Shabetta” by Gagagu

  • “Nakushita Kotoba” by No regret life

  • “Speed” by Analogue Fish

  • “Soba ni iru kara” by Amadori

  • “Parade” by Chaba

  • “Yellow Moon” by Akeboshi

  • “Pinocchio” by ore ska band

  • “Scenario” by Sabaten

The whole video is of 22 mins. But for some, it’s more than that. It’s a major part of their childhood. Personally, I love wind, Harmonia, Yellow moon and speed. Tell us your favourite ending and opening them of the Naruto franchise. For more updates, please follow

*P.S: The YouTube Video is not available for Indian Viewers, maybe because of Geographical rights restrictions on Crunchyroll*

Source: Crunchyroll YouTube Channel


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