Death is not an Option. Boruto: A theory!

The latest chapter of Boruto was released and it looks dire for Naruto. Isshiki overpowers Naruto and Sasuke in every possible way and the only thing that is in our favour is the time limit Isshiki has to get Kawaki. In chapter 51 of Boruto, it is revealed that Isshiki won’t kill Boruto because he needs Boruto to be alive to feed him to the divine tree as he has Otsutsuki evolving inside him. Naruto and Kurama have a word and Kurama suggests that there is a way that they can try to stop Isshiki, but it will cost Naruto his life. Naruto says that he is ready to die as a Hokage and prepared for such events the day he became Hokage. The chapter ends with Naruto getting a new transformation. This looks similar to the usual KCM six path mode, with little changes. For starters, the eyes look a bit different. They look similar to Kurama's eyes. A few marks on his cheeks and new chakra cloak tails with Uzumaki clan symbol on his back. They looked cool. But Kurama says this is a move that will leave him dead. However, I have a theory, with few points as to how Naruto can be saved and what will happen in the Manga that will lead to the events we saw in the first episode of Boruto.

Theory: First of all, I think this ultimate sacrifice move that Kurama says will kill Naruto upon using, is a bit exaggerated. I think this move is similar to might guy’s 8th gate opening, which will give you a huge boost of power and will give you a transformation but will have a huge strain on your body, which will kill you or give you near-death experience. In my opinion, Kurama has been holding on huge amounts of chakra, all these years and not giving it to Naruto due to two reasons, 1) Naruto's body can’t handle that much chakra at a time and 2) there’s been no need of such amount of chakra. After the 4th shinobi was had ended, there haven’t been any life-threatening situations to Naruto, and hence he had no use of this huge boost. So from that perspective, this move will surely put Naruto on his death bed, but I don’t think it will kill him. Like Naruto stopped Guy's life form from disappearing, there has to be some way to save Naruto from this ultimate sacrifice move killing him.

Sasuke’s Rinnegan could be one of the ways Naruto can be saved. Naruto is the reason, there is peace in the shinobi world and if he dies, who knows what can happen. Rinnegan has the ability to repair damaged or almost dead people. We’ve seen Pain using this technique to revive other paths of pain. And it has been confirmed by creators of Naruto that Sasuke can use these all sage of six path's Rinnegan techniques. Heck, near dead? Sasuke can revive if Naruto actually dies too, he can use Rinne rebirth technique to revive Naruto if the worst comes true. All it would take for Rinne rebirth's technique is a Rinnegan and chakra and Sasuke will not even have to sacrifice himself for that. Because the reasons Nagato died using Rinne rebirth are 1) he was almost out of chakra after searching for Naruto ina Konoha, fighting Kakashi and other shinobi from leaf, constantly using 6 paths, and then destroy leaf village, fight Naruto in sage mode and then in Tailed beast mode, use planetary devastation on him, and then fight him again. If he wasn’t an Uzumaki, he would’ve died just by the strain caused by this. It is no brainer that he was left with little chakra, even Konan mentioned it that Nagato is at his limit. 2) he had to revive the whole Village which is considerably harder than to revive one person. I mean it is a cakewalk. So far in the fight with Isshiki, Sasuke hasn’t used much of Rinnegan so he should have enough chakra to revive Naruto if the Hokage dies.

So if Naruto doesn’t die, how would Isshiki get to Kawaki? And how is it that Boruto and Kawaki with Isshiki's karma are seen to be fighting against each other? Any guesses? Kawaki will give it to him willingly! Yes, my theory is that Kawaki will willingly go to Isshiki and give in. For most of the part, having Karma has been the identity for Kawaki, and now without it, he feels empty. It has been shown in the previous chapter that Kawaki dreams of being lost, drowning in the water naked. This emphasizes that he’s lost. He feels incomplete without karma. Like taking away revenge from Sasuke's character in Naruto. First revenge on Itachi, then on leaf and then on shinobi world. So I think losing this given identity of karma from Isshiki bothers Kawaki so much so that he will give himself to Isshiki, on a condition that, Boruto will not be fed to the divine tree and he will be left alone. Isshiki being noble so far, might even accept it and feed Jigen to the divine tree to fed upon instead of Boruto.

And in the four years gap that was shown between the present events and the fight of Boruto vs Kawaki will be spent by both of them harvesting their Otsutsuki powers. Each of them will spend mastering the powers they have. They will suppress the Otsutsuki will inside them, and manage just to use their powers or maybe even make peace with the Otsutsuki inside them. Like how initially, Naruto was only using nine tails chakra but was able to make peace with Kurama eventually. This could be the fate of Boruto and Kawaki. Also, something will happen to Kawaki that will make him despise the shinobi world and that will be why he will come back to fight Boruto in future. And in the future events, Kawaki will seal Naruto somewhere in the other dimension, that only he has access to, and threatens Boruto to send him to where he sent the seventh Hokage.

So this raises a question, what is the fate of Sasuke in this whole scenario? And why do Boruto still has Sasuke's headband after 4 years? I see two paths for Sasuke. 1) he will be dead after reviving Naruto in the present scenario. And as a parting gift he says Boruto to keep the headband with him 2) if he does makes it through these events, then after 4 years time gap, when Kawaki sends Naruto to a different dimension, Sasuke will go on a search to find him using his ability to travel through dimensions using Rinnegan. And while leaving he will give the headband to Boruto, as a promise to bring back Naruto! These are the two paths I see for Sasuke’s character.

So this is my theory on how Naruto will not die and how the story ends up Boruto fighting Kawaki at the start of Boruto Anime! I thought of many aspects and this seems to be fitting to the style of writing we’ve seen so far in the Naruto franchise. Also, Boruto is still in its early stages and they can’t afford Sasuke or Naruto die. They need Boruto to make peace with Naruto and get more attached to Sasuke to have any impact on Boruto because of their deaths. So what do you think of my theory? Please let us know! If we have any more theories, we will let you know. So stay tuned on Otaku in Town. Until then peace out!!

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