Demon Slayer Joins 100 Million Worldwide Club!!

Demon Slayer Joins 100 Million Worldwide Club!!

Demon Slayer became a sensation among Anime fans instantly with its release last year and became one of the most popular shonen anime shows released in 2019 in the world. With a new record, it seems pretty believable that the anime's popularity is going to keep rising in the coming future.

With the arrival of the 42nd issue of Shueisha's Young Jump magazine, Demon Slayer will be hitting 100 million copies published and sold worldwide. The manga will have its 22nd volume featured in the upcoming issue of Jump Magazine on September 24th. With its 21st volume being ranked at #1 in Oricon's manga chart for July, it had around 80 million copies in circulation by then. And now with the whole new volume, series is looking forward to the 100 million mark.

Demon Slayer was only outsold by Eiichiro Oda's One Piece to become the second most seeking manga of 2019 by Shueisha Company.

Although Demon Slayer manga story has ended with final arcs of Tanjiro and Nezuko, we can still witness at least 3 to 4 seasons of anime before it ends the story. And with the sky-high popularity of the manga, it wouldn't be surprising to see the series returning with an additional character or the sequel series to the original one. The manga has a big load of content in the story revolving around demons and Demon Slayers Corps which could show another member of the Corps taking on the driver's seat for the franchise after Tanjiro.

After the first season completed its run, a follow on the movie for the first season, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, was announced and is coming our way very soon. The movie will directly take on the story from where the first season ended.

What do you think of Demon Slayer hitting this insane milestone? Has it earned its place as one of the top anime franchises in the world? Share your thoughts with us and don't forget to stay tuned with for more news and updates.


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