Kimetsu No Yaiba a.k.a Demon Slayer Anime Season 1 Honest Review!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Kimetsu no Yaiba a.k.a Demon Slayer anime series season 1 visual
Kimetsu No Yaiba (a.k.a Demon Slayer) Anime Season 1 Review

Kimetsu No Yaiba (a.k.a Demon Slayer) is a dark - adventure, fantasy Japanese manga series directed by Haruko Sotozaki and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotōge. The anime enfolds adventures of a teenage boy named Tanjiro Kamado and his sister Nezuko Kamado.


The show starts off with Tanjiro, the protagonist, helping his family out by selling charcoal, following his father's demise. The Kamado family, despite their share of perils, is living a content and gratified life. Their peace is dissolved when man-eating demons enter their house on one wretched evening and slaughter the entire family leaving Nezuko, while Tanjiro is out working. Nezuko is not eaten but is bitten by a demon which is turning her into a demon of herself. Although, she still has some human thought and emotion left inside — enough to keep her from killing and eating other humans.

This show is not just about two siblings surviving a demon attack and overcoming obstacles to reach their destinations. This show, along with a strong story, enfolds an amazingly written and illustrated emotional string between Kamado siblings. How Nezuko, even after turning into a demon still remembers her brother and assists him in several incidences while fighting against fellow demons is a fresh thing to watch in an anime or such genre.

There's a syndicate of warriors fighting against these demons since ancient times called 'The Demon Slayer Corps'. Now with Nezuko turned a demon and losing his family, Tanjiro has no other option left but to join The Corps.

Over the course of their adventures, Nezuko becomes more humane and Tanjiro grows stronger, obviously!

Tanjiro encounters many strong and skilled adversaries throughout his journey. He makes friends with a couple of more Demon Slayers along the way who help him in his fights against demons. And by the end of the season, he has also garnered stature among the 'Hashiras' (the nine strongest demon slayers of current era).

Going along the way, learning new skills and knowledge about demons and demon slayers, there is only one goal that Tanjiro is chasing after... finding and defeating Muzak Kibutsuji (voiced aptly by Toshihiko Seki) the strongest demon there is who is also held responsible for turning people into demons in the first place. Tanjiro wants to defeat him so he can turn his sister back the way she was.


The way the writers have done their job in putting in the strong emotional elements in this adventurous fantasy series supplemented by amazingly visualised screenplay is remarkable. Although the series proceeds stereotypically, it has its moments where the audience can't stop cheering the characters. Tajiro fighting Rui is one to mention.

With this fresh concept and character introductions, the series lacks strong character arcs. The series majorly focuses on the protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado, but doesn't quite do justice with the other characters rolling their dices alongside. The writers must work acutely upon this matter and try to rectify this blemish on an otherwise clean record. And we can hope for an even better than before ride in the very promising second season.

Demon Slayer (a.k.a Kimetsu no Yaiba) season 2 Visual
Demon Slayer (a.k.a Kimetsu no Yaiba) season 2 Visual

Finally, what stands out in this show is the apt and astounding animation and background score which make the show a really fun ride right from the beginning till the very last episode. It is a show filled with amazing action, and also one that strikes you on an unexpected sentimental level.

Demon Slayer stood out at Crunchyroll's annual awards with the most number of wins including the most prestigious award of the night, The Best Anime Of The Year.

My overall score for Demon Slayer (season one) - 9 / 10

Binge-watching this amazing show if you haven't started it already. It is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu

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