Digimon Adventure 2020: A Review Of The Reboot!

Digimon is one of the most iconic shows of my childhood. You cannot be unfamiliar with this show if you grew up watching Tv in the 2000s. We all can agree that the original series and it’s two subsequent sequels were great although the series went downhill after that. Unlike Pokemon, Digimon kept changing cast and Digimons which could be one of the reasons for series failure on the whole. But that’s another topic for another day, we are here to talk about the original series and it’s a reboot.

The Digimon adventure reboot was announced in March and the creators didn’t take any time in wasting and released the first episode on April 4th, but on April 19 Toei Animation announced that the show will be paused due to the spread of Covid-19 and that the series will rebroadcast from episode 1 from June 7. The series resumed from episode 4 on June 28. So far 11 episodes have been released with the latest one released on August 16. Toei animation said that the total planned episodes are 66.

Initially, the older version which released in 1999, was about 7 kids who enter digi-world and are partnered with Digimons to fight against evil monsters to save both real-world and digi-world. However, the rebooted version, directed by Masato Mitsuka, takes them to the internet world. Once inside the internet, the kids and their Digimon partners fight against cyberterrorist monsters who try to hack the internet to crash real-world systems, like hacking subway trains or launching a nuclear missile. It is very different from what we saw in the older version.

The impression so far is that the series is fast and intense. The creators are not taking 2 or 3 episodes to introduce characters and then build friendships and bonds. The series is running at an impressive pace. For example, we see two digivolutions of Koromon on the first episode itself. We see digivolution of Gabumon too. We get to see the merge of wargreymon and metal Garurmon, the omnimon too. We don’t feel like it is a new show with new animations. We feel like it’s just the next arc of the same show with better animations. While this rush of events seems fine to people who already invested their time in watching the previous version, it will be hard for the new audiences to keep up and connect with the show. However, more improvements can be done regarding the pace with which the show is going. Also, the internet world can see better graphics and exploration. In my opinion, the series might slow down a bit once we’re familiar with the characters, to explore the internet world.

My ratings so far for the show is 8/10. The show did create a nostalgic feeling like it intended to. However, the series can slow things down lo explore the internet world and try to engage the new audiences. We will be back with a full review once the 66 episodes are done. For more updates on the show, please stay tuned on otakuintown.com.


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