Final Look For Eren’s New Titan Avatar on ‘Attack on Titan’ is Frightening

Attack on Titan is quickly heading toward its grand finale, and the newest chapter is just another step on the destined direction. The latest chapter released the full fresh look of Eren, quite debatably, as the antagonist of the show as he declares the war against the whole world in his ambitious goal of eradicating everybody on land.

Eren’s final Titan form is readily wielding the immense powers of Ymir and the Founding Titan, and with this unlikely bond of Eren and this terrifying power, Eren obtains a new horrifying final form.

The latest chapter of the manga, chapter 133 will show Eren keeping up to his activities and efforts to stand against the giant monsters as the Wall Titans keep on marching, stomping the grounds of the world. Eren seeks Misaka and the rest of the surviving members of the Survey Corps, if any, where he obliges to his wish of remaining the same beast he has now become and continue to destroy the world. Eren can be seen extraordinarily similar to Ymir in Coordinate Space, in the newest chapter of Attack on Titan, which shows how strong Eren has now bonded with this limitless power that has been bestowed upon him.

Final Look For Eren’s New Titan Avatar on ‘Attack on Titan’ is Frightening

Little glimpses of Eren’s monstrous form had been shown in the past but this time, in the very final pages of the chapter, we see the full skeletal Titan form of Eren’s.

This epic ending to the chapter draws out parallels between Eren’s buried humanity and his unavoidable despair of saving the humanity that he chooses to massacre the mankind by his own hands. His final form contrasts his helplessness and unwilling yet irreversible choice of genocide and bloodshed that encompasses his entire future now on. Nonetheless, for Eren, it doesn’t matter much anymore anyway for he has evidently detached himself from his human form and its associated emotions.


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