Fire Force Releases New Poster For Second Season

The Second Season of Fire Force was released this summer and has since been a hot topic among anime fans. The show is making news for its exciting characters and thrilling storyline. Showrunners have released a brand new poster for the next batch of the second season which is making fans develop several theories of their own. The way this show has progressed with suspenseful storyline keeping the excitement intact is praiseworthy.

The story is heading into the Holy Temple Arc which will witness Joker and Victor finally making their moves once the final phase of investigation begins. With the new opening theme of the series release already giving us a sight of what the upcoming season will look like, this new poster now features three of the most powerful fighters of Fire Force.

The newest poster reveals the figures of Joker, Benimaru Shinmon and Leonard Burns and teases us with the thrilling fights that are coming our way in the upcoming episodes of Fire Force. Fans can't wait to witness the clash between these three.

Fire Force Releases New Poster For Second Season

Fire Force second season has followed quite gripping story arcs making fans love it much more than the first season. With such bigger and awaited clashes coming ahead, the show has strong possibilities of becoming a big hit in the following years.

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