SHOCKING: Ghost In The Shell Live-Action Film May Suffer US $60 Million Loss!

Recently released Paramount Pictures' live-action movie 'Ghost in the Shell' may suffer a US $60 million loss. Popular entertainment news website Deadline reported on Wednesday, that even though movie's stated budget is US $110 million the actual making of the film cost around US $180 million. The website further stated that its estimate of a US $60 million loss is based on an estimated total earning of US $200 million for the film, with a combined Print & Advertising and production cost of the film being around US $250 million.

According to Box Office Mojo reports as of Wednesday the film earned US $23,072,150 domestically and US $50,621469 internationally. Deadline suggested that the reason behind the underperformance of the film is the poor marketing campaign, film's whitewashing controversy and the poor reviews for the film. On the other hand Paramount domestic distribution chief Kyle Davies stated, "the conversation regarding casting impacted the reviews for the film".

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