Halloween Special! Top 10 Anime Shows To Watch Or Start Watching On Halloween

Halloween is here, and most likely has many gifts for us in the bags, or should I say Candies! The spooky chilly fall winds blowing around, and there’s this pandemic out there, what’s better to stay cosy in bed with your coffee mug desperately asking you to take sips out of it? Coffee and Netflix… or anime this time?

Here are some of the amazing anime to bring you all the entertainment in the world you need on the last night of October without getting out of your favourite place and have your eyes locked on the screens with such enthralling pieces of animation; because otakuintown tries to offer you with only the treats and no tricks, I promise!

10) Hellsing Ultimate

Halloween Special! Top 10 Anime Shows To Watch Or Start Watching On Halloween - Hellsing Ultimate

Alucard is a vampire who serves the British government to get rid off of all those entities which pose any threats against the government. Alucard uses his vampire abilities and his enormous strengths to hunt down other vampires who hold enmity against the government or its officials, rest of the Nazi armies and even the murderous priests.

Hellsing Ultimate is a shonen series that feeds off on the mixture of thrilling action with the dark and ominous background along with the heavy notes of music to add to the frightening mood of the series where characters can be seen transforming into the beasts and ghouls. There is a particular scene that features Alucard’s transformation into a massive bloody pulp. In the same scene, Alucard shows his true monstrous personality where his enemies are pinned down by his tremendous raw strength.

9) Blood Blockade Battlefront

Halloween Special! Top 10 Anime Shows To Watch Or Start Watching On Halloween - Blood Blockade Battlefront

Among other dark and action-packed anime to give you the more Halloween-suited entertainment, you should also try to keep filling your time with some comedies here and there, a little. BBB is one of such comedies that you can without a doubt watch on/around your Halloween weekend.

Set up in futuristic new your city where supernatural creatures have to get along with the humans and establish harmony, and likewise. There is an organization named Libra in charge to keep the peace intact between both the human and monster societies. Leonardo, a local photographer tragically gets her little sister blinded but gains ‘All-Seeing Eyes of God’ against it. With the help of this heavenly power and determination of getting his sister her eyes back, he joins Libra and tries several efforts in his pursuit. You should give it a watch considering it is just a 12 episode anime and can comfortably be watched within a weekend only.

8) Soul Eater

Halloween Special! Top 10 Anime Shows To Watch Or Start Watching On Halloween - Soul Eater

A supernatural fantasy, just as the name suggests, Soul Eater has a setting of a Death City in The Death Weapon Meister Academy which is run by none other than Lord Death himself.

The protagonist of the show is Death, the kid, a shinigami who is always accompanied by his two sisters that can be transformed into pistols as per his needs. Soul Eater was released in 2008 and ran for 51 episodes. It also has a spinoff series, Soul Eater NOT!

7) Devils Line

Halloween Special! Top 10 Anime Shows To Watch Or Start Watching On Halloween - Devils Line

Once if you have watched an action thriller, a comedy, a dark fantasy, one would love to watch a romantic saga with vampires and the vicious bad guys that the couple has to fight against to claim their true romantic destiny.

The vampires of Devils Line do not come with the same stereotype of bloodthirsty demons; these vampires can live without the human blood. Taira Tsukasa meets Anzai Yuuki, a half human-half vampire. They get close after consecutive encounters and grow fond of each other more than ever when Anzai realized what dangers it poses for Taira. Anzai, unable to leave or let go off Taira decides to obtain a balance between his vampire society and working for the police as a cop in efforts for maintaining his human life. Devils Line is also a short series that aired for just 12 episodes.

6) When They Cry

Halloween Special! Top 10 Anime Shows To Watch Or Start Watching On Halloween - When They Cry

A group of teens have decided to spend a summer together as a vacation in the village named Hinamizava. There they are to celebrate a traditional festival along with the villagers.

The plot takes a thrilling twist when they are told about the cult belief that around the festival time each year there are some unexplained series murders every year. Things take series yet exciting turn when the group of friends, who were in hopes of enjoying a cultural summer vacation with each other, is brought down into the madness of the village antics. When They Cry is for those who like t watch gory scenes on their screens. Massive bloodsheds and gruesome murders are the highlights of this show. Tory is also impressive in the way it is told.

5) Devilman: Crybaby

Halloween Special! Top 10 Anime Shows To Watch Or Start Watching On Halloween - Devilman Crybaby

Devilman: Crybaby is a crazy anime show that will have you stuck to your seats throughout its entire run. People have started inexplicably and for no apparent reason, transforming into man-eating demons all across Japan.

Akira Fudo is a high school student who does transform like everybody into a demon, however, manages to keep the humanity inside of him alive and doesn’t completely give in to the demonic tendencies of tearing apart humans and eating their flesh. He is given the name ‘Devilman’. Even with all the same and even slightly enhanced the power and skills of a demon, he fails to save the humans from the hordes of demons from slaughtering mankind in front of his eyes.

Meanwhile, there is a new drug craze in the markets and Xenophobia is rising exponentially among people which leads to moral panic and when things get out of hands of anyone, a full-on mass scaled genocide breaks, killing off thousands.

4) Elfen Lied

Halloween Special! Top 10 Anime Shows To Watch Or Start Watching On Halloween - Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied brings to its viewers the masterly cooked brew of a dark sci-fi and horror fantasy. ‘Diclonii’ is a new species introduced to humanity and is not much different from us except for the little horns on their heads, or is it just that?

Diclonii becomes a little dangerous and horrifying when they put their invisible arms on display or in action coming out of their backs. These arms are strong enough to stop, break or even slice through any surface, or any other object. However, the length or number of invisible arms can vary from one to the other Diclonii.

With this new breed viewers would expect an action thriller where the human race could be saved by heroics of one or more heroes combating against the monsters. Nevertheless, with all the Diclonii, their invisible arms and humans, the writers had a tragic love story in their minds which is amazingly told in the anime.

3) Mononoke

Halloween Special! Top 10 Anime Shows To Watch Or Start Watching On Halloween - Momonoke

Mononoke is a psychological drama with a little touch of dark fantasy where evil spirits and elves like creatures make the screenplay even more interesting. The story follows Kusuiuri Apothecary who is a medicine seller. Although with looks of a human, he is a half-elf, travels across Japan killing off the spirits known as Mononoke.

Kusuiuri, during one of his journeys, comes across a pregnant woman whose hotel room is filled with Mononoke. Appalled with being in presence of so many spirits at once, he investigates the room and about the spirits themselves. Where they come from? What they desire? Mononoke is a small anime show with not many episodes and is loved by those who have watched it.

2) Tokyo Ghoul

Halloween Special! Top 10 Anime Shows To Watch Or Start Watching On Halloween - Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most popular anime shows featured on this list. If you haven’t watched Tokyo Ghoul or started watching it yet, now is the right time to have an introduction with the ghoul.

Tokyo is a ghoul-infested capital now. Ghouls live alongside humans sharing an unlikely secular social space. Some ghouls can’t contain their ghoulish tendency and feast on human flesh, some are civilized. Ken, the protagonist, is a hybrid ghoul and finds it hard to survive in the unimaginably violent world full of man-eating ghouls. Moreover, he doesn’t seem to be any excited with being a ghoul himself.

1) Parasyte: The Maxim

Halloween Special! Top 10 Anime Shows To Watch Or Start Watching On Halloween - Parasite The Maxim

An action-horror-thriller released six years ago in the same week as Halloween. Aliens have finally come down on earth and have started attacking and taking humans under their controls with no unknown motives disclosed yet.

One of the victims of these aliens is Shinichi Izumi, who is undoubtedly a fighter and is in no mood to surrender the control of his brain to some alien technology (parasite). Izumi saves his brain to be taken over, but couldn’t save his hand. The parasite has taken control over his hand. Shinichi and his parasite Migi, must defend them against other parasites. This anime has earned the top spot on the list mainly for its entertaining factor and the quantum of enjoyment it brings to its viewers.

Parasyte: The Maxim isn’t really a show to watch multiple times or something that will stick to you for a longer time, but it sure provides you with enough enjoyment for the first watch and a fun weekend.

Bonus Mentions –

  • Death Note (for the fifth time, still worth it!);

  • Rosario + Vampire;

  • Berserk;

  • Another;

  • Future Diary (for the latter part of it);

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