Here Is Whatever You Need To Know Before Begin Watching Noblesse Anime

Here Is Whatever You Need To Know Before Begin Watching Noblesse Anime

In the world of Webtoons, Noblesse is one of the strongest names that have made its mark on the viewers’ minds. Fans have constantly begged for an anime adaptation of Noblesse over the years, and their prayers and urges have, at last, been fulfilled with the release of its first episode this weekend.

With the first episode on the roll, fans can not contain their thrill and flooding over the internet for capitalizing their chances to finally be able to watch the long and overdue anime. But before you jump into the anime, there is something necessary for all the fans to see. There is a prologue to the season premiere which was released way back in February of 2016, to introduce the fans with the main characters of Noblesse. A lot of fans had watched that video already and could also have remembered when the anime adaptation was announced. But to many, the video was either not accessible or the year 2016 has gone hazy. So if that’s the case, Crunchyroll has the video, Noblesse OVA, available for those who would like to have a little prologue before actually beginning the show.

The prologue episode shows fans the basic intel about the idea of the show and is called, Noblesse: Awakening. It provides the fans with the very incepting events of the story. The prologue episode is also significant as the premiere continues exactly from the point where prologue ends.

For those who haven’t read the Noblesse webtoon yet, and are looking forward to hopping on board for the anime directly, the story of Noblesse reads as follow –

“Noblesse is a dark fantasy story about a noble named Cardis Etrama Di Raizel, referred as Rai, who has been in sleep for 820 years before he wakes up with no knowledge about mankind’s advancements, scientific accomplishments made by humanity in past eight centuries. Rai begins off his new life as a school student, but soon has his life distorted as his friends are attacked by mysterious creatures with supernatural strengths. Noblesse follows Rai’s and his friends’ efforts and their exciting adventures against a secret organization while uncovering his past.”

For those who do not wish to have any major confusions or unclear sequences while streaming the first episode of this rip-roaring and gripping anime, watching the OVA episode on Crunchyroll will be the best case before binge-watching Noblesse if you have not already.

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Source: Crunchyroll, Comic Book


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