Huge Halloween Anime Sale By Funimation! Order Now

Huge Halloween Anime Sale By Funimation! Order Now

If you are wondering what to get your loved ones this Halloween, Funimation may have something for you in the store. Halloween is just a couple of days from now and a lot of people are still in a desperate search to satisfy their spooky desires. It hardly matters if you are much into horror or not, there is always going to be something that lifts your face up on the following last day of October.

Funimation announced a special sale for the anime fans around the globe for this Halloween season and is offering the most horrifying anime shows available on sale.

This Halloween sale is a limited time deal by Funimation with the major highlight coming as the fan favourite anime show Tokyo Ghoul is offered at just $4.99 per season. Tokyo Ghoul is one of the spookiest anime shows to have streamed by Funimation. It is set in a world where Ken Kaneki, a high school teenager is trying to get his past his everyday life in a world full of man-eating ghouls who live in the underworld. Ken is struck by a huge blow when he finds himself turned into a ghoul by date and is in a tough suit to control his deep urge of satisfying his cravings to eat human flesh. How Ken fights among these demons all along being one of them and maintaining his own human identity is very exciting to watch with the scary screenplay and top-notch spooky animation. And you can get all this in less than $5!

Many more shows/series have been put on sale for the rate you can't even expect from the streaming giant. Funimation has gone very generous for the Halloween with shows like Black Butler, Boogiepop and Others, Junji Ito Collection and many more. Junji Ito Collection is way better than other tow mentioned by Funimation for the sale and can be stood on the side of Tokyo Ghoul and that’s not an overstatement. Fans can enjoy this amazing and over the top horror animated story tale collection of 12 brilliantly told spooky pieces of animation for just $5. It needs to be mentioned that if it hadn’t been for the Halloween sale, the 12 episodes pack of Junji Ito Collection would’ve cost the viewers $40 for streaming on Funimation. So this definitely feels like a great deal for both anime and horror fanatics. On the other hand, Black Butler is more of a mysterious story for the fans of thrill and suspense.

Funimation has definitely put out the big heart on display with these generous deals for the fans to make their Halloween more special and less expensive.

What do you think of this extremely profitable deal from Funimation? Are you going to buy any of the show on the list of sale? I would suggest Black Butler, it has better storytelling than the other mentioned shows.

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