Indian Cosplayer Designs Superhero Costumes For IPL Commercial!

Okay so there is absolutely no doubt on how bad this year has turned out to be for everybody, but you have got to admit, it has brought good tidings to all the anime lovers in India. First, Super Sugoii-con event happening in September… you can find more about it in our previous articles. And now another wonderful news has broke, and we can’t keep our ecstasy contained.

Jeet Molankar, a multiple-times prize-winning cosplayer in India has gotten a great opportunity of working on the original superhero costumes for the advertisements for an upcoming electrifying sports event – The Dream 11 IPL 2020. Jeet had majored in his work of designing and developing the costumes and armours of superheroes like Invisible Girl, Magnet Man, Iceman, Lazer Girl and Fly Boy by the originally scheduled dates of IPLL 2020 this year but was halted by the outbreak of the ongoing virus pandemic. As stated by top-notch cosplayer and now costume designer himself, half of the work was already done by March of this year when Government announced for the nationwide lockdown shutting down the Film City Studios where Jeet was working on his project alongside his team. Jeet also stated that he was done completing the rest of the work just 20 days back.

His team had many more proficient personalities like him. Medha Srivastava was in charge of developing and designing the costumes and did a perfect job in her department. Saurabh Rawat, who majored in handling the execution of this project and also Sameer Bundela, who despite being out of the country managed to help in every possible way.

@cloverwootton was given the responsibility of all the facial prosthetics and face masks which are more than necessary in a costume of any superhero. And she, with the help of her team, did a flawless job in that and made all the required items to complete the costumes with smooth on silicon, making it very comfy for the players to wear them with no discomfort. It must be mentioned, @cloverwootton has done some major works before, such as facial prosthetics for Deepika Padukone in her movie Chhapak.

Jeet Molankar has made the most out of this opportunity but only by working around the clock for it. And now that he’s done with his amazingly done job, it’s our duty to make his project, his advertisement commercial, a big hit which it deserves to be. The amount of work that goes into an advertisement is a lot.

So please don’t miss out on watching this advertisement:

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