Indian Otakus & FKBA Fans Trend Daisuke On Twitter!

Today in the night, as I checked my twitter, I was shocked as well as surprised to see the word 'Daisuke' trend on twitter. I was like, what? why? how? all these questions at once struck my head. I browsed through the trending thread to check what's really happening here? For instance, I even thought that I might have changed my location settings on twitter to Japan, as I often do it to check if there are any updates regarding anime in Japan. But no, I was still on the Indian trends, and Daisuke was actually trending in India.

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited Creative

As I went through it, I realized that the thread is filled with Kagme Daisuke memes. That's when it struck me, the entire buzz is actually about the new episode of the ongoing anime series 'The Millionaire Detective Balanced: Unlimited (a.k.a Fugō Keiji Baransu Anrimiteddo)' which got released today. The fans have gone berserk on twitter to show their affection towards the lead character Kambe Daisuke. To those who don't know The Millionaire Detective Balanced: Unlimited is an anime series which debuted in April 2020 on Fuji TV's Noitamina anime programming block. The series got postponed just after the second episode due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The anime has now resumed from where it was left since 30th July.

But what I am still wondering is, how did this trend in India? I mean is anime really that popular in India? I remember a few weeks back #IndiaWantsPerman was trending in India. This shows that the otaku community is growing exponentially in the country, its getting stronger and stronger day by day. We made 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' and 'Tenki No Ko' officially release in India. Tenki No Ko director Makoto Shinkai even came to India to meet the fans who signed the petition for the movie. And now this!

The future of the Otaku community seems to be very bright. The day is not far when every anime movie will be released in Indian cinema halls. Today's trend is proof that the otaku community has grown in numbers. Daisuke Kagme character is not as famous as shonen anime/manga characters like Goku, Naruto, Luffy etc, nor is the anime telecasted in India. Yet it has such a strong fan base. This indicates that the otakus in India have moved beyond the mainstream shonen anime such as Boku no Hero Academia, Attack On Titan etc. We can just conclude that this year seems to be giving rise to the Anime/Manga viewership/readership in India.

Meanwhile, you can check some of the Daisuke meme tweets here:

Source: Twitter Trend

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