Interesting Facts About Sasuke Uchiha

Interesting Facts About Sasuke Uchiha

By the end of Naruto Shippuden, it is believed that Sasuke Uchiha is the strongest ninja living, apart from Naruto. It is believed by many that, adult Sasuke can take on an entire shinobi force in war and stand undefeated. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a person who spent most of his childhood to adulthood transition, in search of power, away from his only friends and being called a rogue ninja. But if you think you know everything about him, chances are you could be wrong. Here are the lesser-known interesting facts about Sasuke Uchiha.

  • His food preferences: Throughout the show and manga it is shown that Sasuke liked rice balls, a small ball or pyramid of rice with meat fillings inside. Apart from that, he loved tomatoes and tuna. However, he doesn’t like sweet things. It is shown that he hates Natto, a sweet made of soya beans. He wasn’t shown liking any other sweets either.

  • His Mangekyo Sharingan: Usually a Mangekyo Sharingan awakens in Uchihas when someone close to them is dead. However, in series, it is shown that Sasuke wasn’t a people person, and has only one friend, that writers cannot kill, because it’d be pointless if the protagonist of the show is dead. After his battle with Itachi, when Itachi dies succumbing to his illnesses, It is expected that he would awaken his Mangekyo at this point. But it wasn’t the case. However only after Tobi revealed the truth about Itachi, he awakens his Mangekyo, which shows that he did hate Itachi so much so that his death didn’t Awaken Sasuke’s Mangekyo.

  • His summoning: A summoning is an animal that can be summoned by a ninja when he needs help in battle or missions. This is made possible by signing a bond with that animal. In the show, Sasuke was a student of Orochimaru, so it was obvious that he would get a snake summoning since that has been the pattern so far. And we did see him summon snakes during his fight with Deidara. However, when he was fighting Danzo he had a new summoning. A hawk. Yes, a Hawk and a snake, which are usually in conflict with each other in real life. This could be a reference to his conflict of thoughts regarding the Hidden leaf village and the whole shinobi system. However, it is not shown in the anime, when or where he got his Hawk summoning.

  • He is a cross dominant: A person who can use both his hands to perform the same task, and has no concept of the dominant hand is called an Ambidextrous. During the series, we saw Sasuke using both the hands for seals. However, it was observed that he is a cross dominant, as he uses his left hand to use Chidori and right hand to do things like writing, sword fighting etc.

  • He was the hardest character to draw: Kishimoto has said that Sasuke was the hardest character to draw, but also his favourite one. Sasuke’s detailed and complex appearance still plagues the artist somewhat, as the perfect face that teenage girls love, is hard to draw. And to manage to draw and maintain his somewhat long hair is pretty hard.

These are less known facts about Sasuke Uchiha. For more such lesser-known interesting facts about your favourite characters, stay tuned on


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