Interesting Facts about The Flame Alchemist

Roy Mustang, the elite state alchemist earned his position and the popularity that he has for his decisive stint during the Great Ishwal Civil War. Colonel Mustang gained the national notoriety showcasing his skills and ferocious attitude towards the criminal in his state with the steamy red flames emerging out of his fists. There is so much that fans may or may not know about Colonel Roy Mustang. Here are some of the lesser-known facts about this polarizing character of your favourite shows Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

  • Roy Mustang’s Unique Flame Alchemy

His extraordinary fire-based combat style is made possible by the assistance of his custom made special gloves made of ignition or PyroTex cloth, which ignite a spark whenever he rubs his finger together, making it appear as he is bringing fire about on the tips of his fingers. These gloves are embroidered with a unique flame alchemy transmutation circle.

  • Roy Mustang, A Military Man, Is A Womanizer

Colonel Mustang appears like a disciplinarian and a strict military man, but it’s just on the outside and there are a lot of hidden qualities he has beneath the surface.

In the show, he is widely known for his flirtatious skills that he may put in application around his fellow servicewomen and spends a handsome amount of time with various women all across the town. Although it is not shown much either in manga or the first anime series, The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood surely showed Mustang displaying his affection toward his beautiful blonde assistant Risa Hawkeye. He also holds the abundant charm, rich good looks and charisma that collectively make him quite unpopular among enlisted men who fear their sweethearts slipping away to Mustang’s side.

  • Roy Mustang Can Alter The Intensity of His Attacks With His Hands

You read it, right folks. Roy Mustang can delegate the power he generates out of his flame attacks by altering the hand in use. He can use a different hand to attack with different flame attacks, possibly due to dexterity of hands. He uses his right hand to fire large, more powerful flamed attacks at a crowd of criminals, whereas his left hand can shoot smaller, but strong fire blasts which he can shoot precisely at a pinpoint range.

  • His Blindness Was Very Much Predicted

Roy Mustang is the very first character in the show to kill a homunculus on the screen where he launches a long series of explosive blasts at one of the strongest homunculi, Lust. Just when Lust was turning into ashes amidst the smouldering fire from Mustang’s fists, she made a little prophesy that Colonel would ironically be robbed of her vision and clear vision he has of his gold would soon turn cloudy.

Later in the show, we are shown that on the Promised Day, Mustang had to pay the price of her eyesight for opening the Gate of Truth.

  • His Namesake Took A Lot of Time to Be Formed

Himoru Arakawa put her art and soul in creating Fullmetal Alchemist series, and allotting names to the characters of the show took in a lot of effort from her side. She stated, ‘I wouldn’t want a character with a meaningless name’.

In the case of Roy Mustang, the first name Roy was used from the French language in which, ‘Roy’ means King. In the show, Roy aims to be the ultimate king and rule the land one day. While, ‘Mustang’ comes from P-51 Mustang Fighter plane that flew in World War II, and was the most reputable and destructive fighter plane of its time.

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