Interesting Facts about the New Number One Hero ‘Endeavor’

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Endeavor is a hot-headed, literally fiery and a really powerful hero of the My Hero Academia Universe. He is the father of one of the most fierce hero course students in UA High and a classmate of our own Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki. Endeavor plays a well-written role of an antagonist and a rival to the symbol of peace, All Might in the show. Endeavor, despite his wrongdoings and dislikable behavioural traits, is widely liked by the fans of the show because, hey, who doesn’t like a cool antagonist?

As much as you may like the hottest superhero of My Hero Academia, here are some interesting facts that may tell you a little bit more to know about this complex character.

5) – His Quirk Manipulation Abilities

Endeavor’s quirk of manifesting flames out of thin air is evident to everyone but what makes his quirk more interesting is Endeavor’s ability to manipulate the flames into whatever shape of a weapon he wishes to strike the menacing villains with. In the current length of the show, there are three special attacks that he uses with his burning flames – Brilliant Scorching Fist –Jet Burn, Brilliant Scorching Fist– Hell Spider, and Prominence Burn.

In one particular episode featuring Hero Killer Stain and a bunch of Nomus brought into the city by none other than Tomura Shigaraki, Endeavor hit a flying Nomu with a spear that he manifested out of his red hot flames.

4) – Degree of His Obsession of Defeating All Might

It is quite clear that Endeavor carries an intense drive of besting All Might someday to finally become the number one hero of all the heroes and stand on the top. In the deep conscience, however, he has accepted that he would never be able to do that in this life at least given the might of All Might. Hence, he takes his obsession to a whole other unforeseen level.

In his attempts of realizing his lifelong desire, Endeavor starts giving birth to offsprings on purpose, only hoping to birth some unimaginably powerful one that would someday defeat All Might to become number one in Endeavor’s name. You read that right, he ‘creates’ children with his wife only to fulfil his selfish desires. There is certainly nothing on the fatherly side of this eccentric character.

3) – His Real Name, Behind the Drapes

Not a lot of My Hero Academia fans are familiar with the real name of elder Todoroki. Endeavor chose an acute name to give to his hero identity. However, his name as an ordinary human being is Enji. Enji Todoroki.

The same episode where Gran Torino with the help of other heroes are trying to come strongly against the combined threat of Hero Killer Stain and Nomu attack, where he addresses Endeavor and All Might with their real name. This is when viewers are first made acquainted with Endeavor’s real name. Enji Todoroki.

2) – Destined Toward One of the Greatest Redemption in Recent Times

Endeavor’s character arc is taking its obvious shape of a redemption arc. Having been a cold-hearted pseudo-anti-hero and a major antagonist, he was forced to become the number one hero upon All Might’s retirement. It always was, however, a hard task for anyone to be the next Symbol of Peace, yet we saw him trying to talk All Might into guiding him to become the Symbol during the Hero Licensing Event. This very moment witnessed his emotional change.

There are some sequences in the show that also speak of how Endeavor is now looking back at all the crimes of his past and is trying to show penance upon them by making it up to his family, and even giving something back to the society by being the hero they always wanted him to be. We can certainly see his ultimate redeeming moment in upcoming season/s. it is to all the secret admirers of Endeavor, ‘Get ready to raise your glasses and openly cheer your favourite non-conventional hero’.

1) – An Infuriating Fight Awaits

Well, this is more of a theory than a fact. Considering the nature f this theory it had to be mentioned in this list nevertheless.

Every now and then, anime and manga tend to allot the main characters and each of the side character a moment where they can go all out and show the monsters that they are in no mood of sitting back and just watch while the main hero fights the crime alone. Time and again they get a chance to showcase what fight they got in themselves. Same is the case with hot-headed Endeavor.

Showmakers have given Endeavor some awesome fight sequences in both anime and manga when it was necessary for the fans to see why Endeavor is standing tall next to the Number One Hero, and why he totally deserves it. Endeavor had a bout with a Nomu(with the brain). The strongest Nomu to have made an appearance in the show thus far. Endeavor gives him the beating of a lifetime but had to almost risk his own life in the process. Nonetheless, at the end of the fight, he held his fist aloft in the air signifying his victory and the fact that he lacks nothing behind All Might in becoming the next Number One Hero.

Now it is time that he gets another spat with the league of villains this time, where he has to play the heroics once again. Fans have been seeing another Endeavor’s inflammable fight coming their way, and it really is about time that they get one served hot and spicy.

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