Japanese Company Offers Paid Leave for Employees Grieving Over Their Favourite Idol's Retirement

The copywriting company Hiroro, inc. recently posted on Twitter where president Itaru Tsurumi declared that the company will offer paid leave for idol fans in grief when their favourite idol retires or gets married.

The new policy is called the Oshi Vacation System, with Oshi being a term used in the idol fan community to describe a fan’s favourite performer.

According to the post, Tsurumi added a clause to the company's policy on taking time off stating that employees can take leave under the following circumstances:

  • If your idol is holding a concert or live event, you may take the day off or leave early as long as it is arranged a week beforehand. Only in the case of a guerilla event or unannounced event are you allowed to leave work early on the day.

  • You may take full paid leave for up to 10 days if your favourite idol graduates. You may take three days if it's your second favourite idol or otherwise an idol who is not necessarily your number one.

  • You may take full paid leave for up to 10 days if your favourite idol gets married.

  • Depending on the amount of mental damage, it is possible to negotiate for extra days.

The employees are allowed to split their vacation into different days, such as first taking a few of the days off when their idol announces they’re engaged, and then the rest when the actual wedding ceremony takes place.

According to Tsurumi, the loss of an idol can be deeply upsetting and employees need proper mental and emotional care. “It’s like if your pet, one you loved dearly, suddenly disappeared. Not died, necessarily, but they’re living somewhere else so you can’t touch or feel them anymore. Or if your child moved out of the house to live alone. It’s that sort of sadness.”

Tsurumi came up with this vacation system because of two events. The first was when a usually competent employee became unfocused and uncooperative. It turned out that she was a fan of voice actress Nana Mizuki, who announced last summer that she was getting married. The second was when he noticed an employee was distracted at work. He said, “A maid cafe idol they were supporting was retiring, and it was a shock for my employee. I could understand, from my own personal experience,” As for the employee grieving the loss of the maid cafe idol, he said, “they’re already using this new vacation system.”

The company itself specializes in copywriting and coordinating events for the entertainment industry, often for idols. The company produced a photo book for the singer Kanna Murata.

This vacation policy might be too much for “normal” people, but for a die-hard fan, it might just be a way to relieve all the mental stress and emotional burden of letting their favourite idol move on with their life.

The company explains it best through their website which reads:

“I think that the most powerful thing to move people is the feeling of love for people and things. I always want to be a person who works for the people and things I like. And I want to cherish the commitment and beliefs that are born from my heartfelt favourite feelings. I believe that those who like the same thing from the bottom of their heart will surely reach that commitment and belief.”

Source: Japan Today

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