Kodansha To Publish One-Shot Manga Based On Kamen Rider Amazons Franchise

Popular magazine Kodansha is celebrating its 35th anniversary with a series of "Carnaval" one-shots. The magazine will be publishing a one shot-manga based on the popular web anime series 'Kamen Rider Amazons' franchise as a part of the Carnaval in the upcoming issue.

Kodansha's morning magazine revealed the news in its 12th issue on Thursday. The manga is titled "Kamen Rider Amazons Gaiden - Hotarubi" and will be drawn by mangaka Shinjirō who is known for manga such as Fate/Zero and Taboo Tattoo. The screenwriter of Kamean Raider Amazons, Yasuko Kobayashi is supervising the manga.

The first season of Kamen Rider Amazos was first streamed in April 2016 on the popular video streaming website Amazon Prime instant video in Japan. The series was than aired on BS Asahi and Tokyo MX in July 2016. The second season premired in April 2017 on Amazon Prime. A sequel film is expected to stream on Amazon Prime this spring. The film is titled 'Kamen Rider Amazons - Kanketsuhen' and it will serve as the final chapter to franchise.

Source: ANN

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