Lesser Known Interesting Facts About Pokémon

For today’s “Interesting facts”, we will discuss the lesser-known Pokemon facts. Pokémon's punch line is gotta catch em all and we need to catch some facts about the famous pocket monsters that we love so much. So without any delay let’s get some facts right.

Arcanine is a legendary Pokémon:

Yes! The fiery dog-type Pokemon that’s evolved from Growlithe, is a legendary Pokemon. On the second episode of the Anime, when Ash rushes to the Pokemon centre, just before Dr.Oak contacts him, we can see a picture of Arcanine as a legendary Pokemon alongside other 3 legendary bird type Pokemons Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos. Although it is more commonly seen by people than other legendary pokemon, Arcanine is registered in Pokedex as a legendary pokemon.

Meowth and Pikachu are Opposite Pokémons:

No we’re not talking about Ash's Pikachu and team rocket's Meowth. They are opposites in general. Pikachu's Pokedex number is 25 while Meowth is number 52. Also, Pikachu is a mouse and Meowth is a cat, so traditionally they are enemies. Coincidence? I think not.

Rhydon was the first Pokemon created:

Rhydon's Pokedex number is 132, however, the pokemon is the first pokemon created. This was confirmed by one of the original creators from the Pokemon's creator company “Game Freak”. Ken Sugimori is the person who confirmed this in an interview.

Slowbro is the only Pokemon that can devolve:

According to Ash's Pokedex, a Slowpoke evolves into a Slowbro when another Pokemon called Shellder latches itself to its tail. Ultimate bromance? Hell yeah! But it is said that if the Shellder ever unlatches the tail, the Slowbro devolves into slowpoke again. Amazing right!

Azurill can change it’s gender when it evolves:

It is said that 75% of Azurill are female and the gender ratio of its evolution is 50/50. It means it can go either male or female. This is debated by fans worldwide, however, so far it appears true. Creators agreed that this is unintentional. This is a coincidence because like Azurill some amphibians can change gender.

Bonus facts because we love our followers.

  • Koffing and Weezing were going to be named after American cities Ny and La respectively but changed at the last moment.

  • Mewtwo comes before Mew in Pokedex

  • Wobbuffet's blue body is its decoy and the Wobbuffet's tail is the real deal.

  • Ditto is a failed attempt at making Mew.

There you go. These are the lesser-known facts about Pokemon. Did you know any of these before? Let us know. For more interesting facts about your favourite Anime, stay tuned onto us.


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